Daniel cs task manger for agriculture ec delegation
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T eam Europe training seminar SAPARD 19-20 April 2002, Krpáčovo - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Daniel Ács, Task Manger for Agriculture EC Delegation. T eam Europe training seminar SAPARD 19-20 April 2002, Krpáčovo. SAPARD like YETI?. SAPARD - “Special Accession Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development”

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Presentation Transcript
Daniel cs task manger for agriculture ec delegation

Daniel Ács, Task Manger for AgricultureEC Delegation

Team Europe training seminarSAPARD19-20 April 2002, Krpáčovo

What is sapard

SAPARD - “Special Accession Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development”

is a pre-accession instrument of the EU primarily focused on the preparation of Slovakia for membership of the EU in the areas of agriculture and rural development.

What is SAPARD?

Two fold objectives of sapard
Two-fold objectives of SAPARD Rural Development”

Although the key objectives of the programme are:

  • to improve the quality of life of rural population,

  • to create a competitive and efficient agricultural and food processing sector,

  • to ensure jobs and an adequate income for the agricultural, disadvantaged regions and

  • provide for the sustainable development of rural areas.

  • to Rural Development”prepare Slovakia for efficient use of Structural funds

  • to build system and administrative structure capable of working soundly at the date of accession

  • not an instrument to save whole Slovak agriculture and rural life (support mechanism)

  • not to win a race with other countries, and

  • not even to spend all allocated funds

In what is sapard different from phare and ispa
In what is SAPARD different from Phare and ISPA? Rural Development”

  • Decentralised management

  • Size of investments

  • Scattered projects across country

  • Clearing of accounts

Implementation Rural Development”

SAPARD needs the right environment: The suitable environment is created by:


2.Institutional building/ Administrative capacity



To create such sound environment the following actions were needed

To create such sound environment the following actions were needed:

Approval of the programme – November 17, 2000

MAFA/ AFA – signed on March 26

Building Agency (system) – Accreditation of the SAPARD on 15 April 2002

Legal framework
LEGAL Framework needed:

  • The Co-ordination Council Regulation 1266/99- on coordination of aid to the applicant countries in the framework of the pre-accession strategy

  • The SAPARD Council Regulation 1268/99 - on Community support for pre-accession measures for agriculture and rural development in the applicant countries of central and eastern Europe in the pre-accession period

  • SAPARD Implementing Council Regulation 2759/99 – laying down rules for the application of EC No 1268/99

  • SAPARD Financial Council Regulation 2222/2000 needed: - laying down financial rules for the application of EC No 1268/1999

  • European Agreementon Accession between EU and SR – 1 February 1995

  • Multi-Annual Financial Agreement(MAFA) and Annual Financial Agreement (AFA) – 26 March 2001. These texts lay down the full range of legal provisions relating to SAPARD binding each Candidate Country and the Community. They are the fundamental texts and the result of wide ranging negotiations involving first the 15 Member States and then the 10 Candidate Countries.

2 institutional b uilding administrative capacity
2) needed:Institutional Building/Administrative Capacity


  • National Fund (National Authorising Officer) – EC contact point

  • Certifying Body – Independent Auditor

  • Managing Authority – co-ordination of monitoring and evaluation of the programme

  • SAPARD Agency – Implementing and paying body

  • Monitoring Committee – Monitoring of the programme

Sapard agency
SAPARD Agency needed:


  • SA - Established on December 1, 1999 as a Paying Agency

  • Budgetary autonomous agency under the Minister of Agriculture

  • Successful presentation of the results of examination of SAPARD Agency to the Commission held on 17 December 2001.

  • National Fund concluded National Accreditation process of the Slovak SAPARD Agency by Act of Accreditation at the end of December

  • Consequently the National Fund has officially submitted needed:Accreditation package and requested for examination by Commission

  • Audit on spot in the last week of January 2002

  • After the Commission reviewed the accreditation package, audit report and after remedial action/supply of additional information was provided the Commission accredited the SAPARD Agency through Commission Decision conferring management on Tuesday 16 April 2002

  • Accreditation requested for 5 measures (1, 2, 4a, 5 and 7)

3 agricultural and rural development programme
3) needed:Agricultural and Rural Development Programme

Priority 1 – Improvement of Agricultural and Food Sector

  • Measure 1 – Farm Investment (sheep, poultry, F&V, herbs, and other plants)

  • Measure 2 – Processing and Marketing of Agriculture and Fish Products

  • Measure 3 – Producers Organisations

Priority 2 – Sustainable Rural Development needed:

  • Measure 4 – Diversification activities in rural areas

  • Measure 5 – Forestry

  • Measure 6 – Agro-environment and landscape

  • Measure 7 – Land Restructuring

Priority 3 – Human Resource Development needed:

  • Measure 8 – Human Resource Development

  • Measure 9 – Technical Assistance

Structure of the measure

Title needed:



Scope and description


User eligibility criteria

Eligibility of investments

Geographical location

Valuation criteria

Minimum/maximum reimbursable costs


Monitoring indicators

Evaluation indicators

Relevant legislation

Financial Tables

Structure of the measure

User criteria
User criteria needed:

  • Project related to one of the measures

  • Geographical location

  • General eligibility conditions (for most of the measures)

  • Specific eligibility conditions (individual for each measure)

4 financing
4) needed:Financing

  • Profit making measures

  • Non-profit making measures

1 profit making measures
1) needed:Profit making measures

Total Budget 100%

from which

Private sources 50%

Public sources 50%

from which

EU funds 75%

Slovak Gov 25%

2 non profit making measures
2) needed:Non-profit making measures

Total Budget 100%

from which

EU funds 75%

Slovak Gov 25%

Financial allocations
Financial Allocations needed:

  • Total for Slovakia 2000 – 2006 - over 130 Mil EUR

  • Annual allocation - 18,6 Mil. EUR

  • Break down to measures i.e. 5,5 Mil EUR 28% for measure 1 etc

  • Min and max for individual project - range

Procurement rules
Procurement rules needed:

  • Reimbursement of invoices

  • Practical Guide to Phare/ISPA and SAPARD contract procedures

  • Rules of origin – at least 90% of total eligible costs must originate in the EC or CC

  • Environmental Aspects

  • EU food safety standards

  • Equipment - EU standards

Political influence
Political influence needed:

  • High expectations

  • Premature announcements

Sapard and structural funds

SAPARD needed:

and Structural Funds

Information and publicity policy
Information and publicity policy needed:

  • Legislation

  • Programme

  • Methodology – Philosophy

Means of distribution

Active and passive needed:

Rural Development Fund



Media/ Newspapers


Other Documents Available (not final versions)

Guidebooks, Manuals

Business Plan Template

Application Forms – individual for each measure

Means of distribution

Thank you

Thank you needed:.