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Pendine Camp

Pendine Camp

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Pendine Camp

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  1. Pendine Camp By Rhys and Kes.

  2. Body Boarding • Everybody had a good time . Lot’s of people enjoyed the body boarding. Everybody got soaking!!!. We had to put a lot of clothing on like a wetsuit, a wind-cag, diving shows and a life jacket.

  3. Crazy golf • Every body had a good time. At the end we had to get the ball in the gorilla’s mouth. If you got it in the gorilla’s mouth you win!. And there was a shark mouth aswel.

  4. Extreme stream. • We had to do a bottom slide and on the balancing line Steve though water at kez and told him it was a fish. We did a rope swing but if we let go when hadn’t got there yet we would be swimming. Steve chucked Rhys of the water slide.

  5. Climbing and absailing • It was brilliant! • Kez beat Mrs Thomas in a climbing race! We had 5 people in each team. We chose a star to touch.

  6. Caving • In caving we found 2 cockroaches YUCK! It was very dark. We used torches to go into the caves. Mrs Thomas got sacred of the cockroaches.

  7. Low rope cores • It was grate. We were suppose to work as a team. We had to go round the cores with stuff. There was an under ground maze the best bit of the cores was the under ground maze.

  8. Archery • In archery we had to get the biggest score to win. Tom had to were an eye patch because he did not close his eye. He told us not to do free stile.

  9. Zip wire • On the zip wire it was the best! • We got to do it upside down….it was just awesome. But Mr o leary hit his head.

  10. High ropes course • Kez got lowered down upside down • It was SO cool and SO high! It was also very very CREEPPY!

  11. Sport games • We played wink murderer, capture the flag , fish bones, traffic lights and sleeping lions. It was fun.

  12. Preseli mountains • On the Preseli mountains we found a sheep spine! It was very boggy up there are shoes were damp • It was also very windy up there. We walked past a non active volcano called carn engli.

  13. Disco • At the disco the tuck shop was open in there and the food was relly nice and so was the music it was wicked!.

  14. Going home • On the day that we went home we had to buy something for someone in our family. • We also played some games before we went home. On the way home we talked about the Simpson’s. Click here