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M Cube Presentations. Money Making Mechanism. M Cube Presentations.

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M cube presentations

M CubePresentations

Money Making Mechanism

M cube presentations1
M Cube Presentations

Member ‘A’ get registered with M CUBE via investing only Rs. 100/- (With 30 days Money Back Guarantee) . If ‘A’ wants to go with M CUBE, ‘A’ can purchase anything from M CUBE SHOP worth Rs.100/- after the 30 days of initial investment.

M cube presentations2
M Cube Presentations

Member ‘A’ decided to earn more and wants to go with M CUBE NME (Network Marketing Earnings). Member ‘A’ must generate at least a single group of 5 Referrals. These Referrals generate money for their parent member ’A’. Each Referral of Level 1 will generate 20% of their initial investment.

M cube presentations3
M Cube Presentations

After generating at least 1 group of 5 Referrals, Member ‘A’ get his Initial investment back. And after that auto-generation of Members for Level 2, 3, 4 and 5 get started. This auto-generation will discontinue after Level 5. Each Referral at Level 2 and higher will generate 10% of the initial investment income for Member ‘A’.

M cube presentations4
M Cube Presentations

Following is the sample income chart that NMP (Network Marketing Earning) Process will generate for you. This auto-generation of income is a unique process that will help those people who want to earn more while doing little. The Ideal Member of this process may be HOUSE LADIES, STUDENTS, Our INTERNET Partner’s CUSTOMER and anyone who want to make money. You just need to complete LEVEL 1 for you, after that other members will work for your income.

M cube presentations5
M Cube Presentations

Terms and Conditions:

  • Member ‘A’ has to complete LEVEL 1 for further process of NME (Network Marketing Earning) Process.

  • Member ‘A’ is investing with MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Option, means with in 30 days of initial investment Member ‘A’ can request for his money back. 100% Investment of Member ‘A’ will be given back with discontinuation of membership.

  • If Member ‘A’ wants to earn money with a unique process of NME (Network Marketing Earning), after 30 days his account at “THE M CUBE ACCOUNT” will be credited with 100 rupees, with this money Member ‘A’ can purchase anything from “THE M CUBE SHOP”, which cost not more than the account value.

  • Any Member at THE M CUBE can withdrawal money if it exceeds 5000 rupees or can purchase anything from THE M CUBE SHOP leaving at least 100 rupees in his account.

  • Withdrawals can only be made in shape of BANK to BANK Transfer .

  • The NME (Network Marketing Earning) Process will discontinue after Level 5.

  • A member can make unlimited number of groups of Level 1.

  • A member with successful completion of LEVEL 2, is eligible for LUCK DRAW that THE M CUBE launches time to time.

  • Each Member must understand and singed with the above mentioned Terms and Conditions.

M cube presentations6
M Cube Presentations

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