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QR Codes, Xooms , and Google Goggles

QR Codes, Xooms , and Google Goggles. Mary Welch Hall County Schools. QR Codes. Overview of QR Codes. QR Code Generator. Generating QR Codes through Kaywa. Motorola Xoom. Purchased with SPLOST funds for whole school usage. Purchased for 21 st Century Classrooms.

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QR Codes, Xooms , and Google Goggles

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  1. QR Codes, Xooms, and Google Goggles Mary WelchHall County Schools

  2. QR Codes Overview of QR Codes

  3. QR Code Generator Generating QR Codes through Kaywa

  4. Motorola Xoom Purchased with SPLOST funds for whole school usage Purchased for 21st Century Classrooms Motorola Xoom Information

  5. Google Goggles Why Google Goggles?

  6. Instructional Implications

  7. ELA Instruction • Differentiate by Readiness • Remediation • On-Level • Enrichment • Conventions Instruction: Primarily Grammar Deficits

  8. ELA Preferred Sites • BrainPOP (BrainPOP Jr.) • Grade Level Skills Help at Internet 4 Classrooms • English/Language Arts classes in Middle School and High School

  9. Examples of QR Station Sheets January 23-27 QR Codes.docx February 20-24 Q R Codes.docx March 12-16 Q R Codes.docx Accountability Question Answered

  10. Math Preferred Sites • BrainPOP • Rigor/Middle and High School: Khan Academy • Grade Level Help at Internet 4 Classrooms • Math Playground

  11. Examples of Math QR Codes • Graphing Group One.docx • Graphing Group Two.docx

  12. Bring History to Life History Text with QR Codes

  13. Live Wax Museum (Historical People): http://www.myteacherpages.com/webpages/MAlbro/files/wax%20museum%20packet%201.pdf Middle School Wax Museum Anne Frank High School: Signing of the Declaration of Independence Dresden Second-Grade Wax Museum - YouTube

  14. Science Center with QR Codes EXPLORA Museum in Frankfurt, Germany

  15. Science Experiments Science Experiments for Kids Weird Science Kids Science Bob Experiments Upper Grades Science Projects

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