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CYFAR 2003

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CYFAR 2003 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CYFAR 2003
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  1. CYFAR 2003

  2. CYFAR 2003 Building Strong Communities Through Empowerment Beverlie Ludy, PEP Program Coordinator in Charles County MarylandScotty McTaggart, Maryland State Strengthening Project DirectorHispanic Community in Langley Park, Latinos Unidos, Inc. Graduates of PEP programs in Maryland

  3. What is Empowerment? • A Multidimensional Social Process • Individual and Community are Interconnected • Helps People Gain Control Over Their Own Lives • Power is the Capacity to Implement

  4. Successful Outcomes • Improved Communication and Leadership Skills • Enhanced Team-Building Skills • Increased Knowledge of Community and its Resources • Collaborations in Projects to Improve the Community

  5. Group Of Committed People • Trained and Empowered to Use Their Leadership Skills • Addressing the Issues They identified as the Most Important

  6. Effective Empowerment • Enhances Self-esteem and Inner Strengths • Provides Tools and Knowledge • Develops a Group Bond to Bring Social Change • Uses Community Assessment and Action Planning

  7. Essential Components The Core Curriculum • Values Awareness and Self-esteem • Communication Skills • Decision-making/Problem Solving Techniques • Asset-based Community Assessment • Action Planning for Community Projects

  8. Other Topics Specific To The Group Needs • Parenting • Leadership • The Helping Role • Time Management • Effective Group Meetings

  9. Charles County and Langley Park, Maryland Successful Models of Leadership PEP participants attend ten weekly two-hour training sessions on values, clarification, communication skills, problem solving, parenting, the helping role, action planning, community awareness and community issues.

  10. Successful OutcomesCharles County, Maryland PEP participants organized a 4-H Club at Dr. Mudd School Child Safety Awareness Night at Dr. Mudd Elementary School 4/8/03 Accessible and affordable activities was identified as one of the needs of the Charles County Community

  11. Activities for Children While Their Parents are in Training Sessions 4-H Club Art Classes at Dr. Mudd School in Charles County is an important part of the PEP Program

  12. Community Partnerships Charles County, Maryland PEP partners with the Judy Hoyer Early Childhood Education Center to provide leadership training for parents.

  13. SustainabilityLangley Park, Maryland The PEP Project at Langley Park, Maryland Setting Up into Latinos Unidos de Maryland, Inc., a non-profit organization Latinos Unidos de Maryland, Inc.

  14. Successful OutcomesLangley Park, Maryland 4-H Club Art Classes 4-H Club After School Program Latinos Unidos de Maryland organized a 4-H Club at Quebec Arms Community Center

  15. Community Partnerships Langley Park, Maryland Sister Carmen, SCC Director, Provides Citizenship Information Quebec Arms Apartment provides facilities for the Latinos Unidos de Maryland Inc., in their Community Center

  16. Working With Diverse Audiences • Flexibility and Responsiveness • Adaptable to any Audience • Facilitators Learn about Group Culture and Tradition • Curriculum is Adapted to Cultural Context • PEP has been Successful with Spanish Speaking Communities, Parents, Youth and Prison Populations.

  17. Participants’ Feed Back Improvement in Communication Skills “I found that the information we received from PEP has made it possible for me to communicate more productively with my family as well as co-workers”

  18. Participants’ Feed Back Set Educational and Career Goals “I will use (the information from the career assessment session) for my future schooling when I apply to become a nurse or start taking classes for the nursing program”

  19. Participants Became Aware of Community Resources “I feel I am ready to help others in need of information or support”

  20. Participants Found Employment “I was offered a job, and I felt that I had more confidence and resources … to take the position”

  21. Participants Learned to Solve Problems “I’ve become more open with my friends, children and family and more involved with my friends personal problem solving”

  22. Participants Were Empowered “My dreams are now my goals!”

  23. People Empowering People (PEP) program of the University of Connecticut Extension Service was developed from the University of Massachusetts Cooperative ExtensionMaster Teacher Program.