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The Word within the Word

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The Word within the Word

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The Word within the Word

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  1. The Word within the Word Vocabulary Set 9 01/06/2014 ~ 01/19/2014 By

  2. ante before • Examples of words that include ante: • antebellum: adj. existing before a particular war • The antebellum mansion was renovated after the Civil War. • anterior: adj. nearer to the front (e.g., in front of the body or nearer to the head) • The ship’s anterior was damaged during the storm.

  3. anti against • Examples of words that include anti: • antibody: noun. a protein that fights against foreign antigens that invade the body (e.g., bacteria, viruses) • Once certain antibodies are produced, they continue to exist in a person’s body. • antithesis: noun. a person or thing that is the direct opposite of someone or something else • The Joker is the antithesis of Batman.

  4. circum around • Examples of words that include circum: • circumlocution: noun. the use of many words where fewer would do, esp. in a deliberate attempt to be vague • After 30 minutes of circumlocution, I broke down and admitted to Mom and Dad that I broke the kitchen window. • circumvent: verb. to find a way around (an obstacle) • Dad circumvented traffic by taking small side streets.

  5. com / con together • Examples of words that include com / con: • combination: noun. a joining or merging of different parts or qualities • Laura used a combination of blackberries, raspberries, and rhubarb for her award-winning pie. • confederate: adj. joined by an agreement or treaty • Some local community members joined together to form confederate committees.

  6. de down (or not, undo) • Examples of words that include de: • decrepit: adj.old and in bad condition or poor health • My decrepit car barely starts. • deride: verb. to ridicule and insult; to put down • The mean girls derided everyone’s “flaws” in their Burn Book.

  7. dis away (or not, undo, negative) • Examples of words that include dis: • dissonant: adj. lacking harmony, off-key; disagreeing • The beautiful song was ruined by the dissonant, off-key voice. • dissuade: verb. to deter a person from an action; to persuade someone not to do something • Good friends dissuade their friends from making poor decisions.

  8. inter between • Examples of words that include inter: • interject: verb. to insert a comment, remark, etc. between someone’s speech or conversation • Kanye West rudely interjected a mini-rant during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech. • interstellar: adj. between or among stars • The Voyager has been on many interstellar adventures.

  9. intra within • Examples of words that include intra: • intravenous: adj. within or into a vein • The little girl received her chemotherapy drugs intravenously. • intramural: adj. within a particular building, group, or organization • During college, many students join more relaxed intramural sports teams.

  10. intro into • Examples of words that include intro: • introspect: verb. to examine one’s own thoughts or feelings • Molly’s parents encouraged her to be more introspective about all the “drama” that she and her friends were experiencing. • introvert: noun. a shy, withdrawn, and typically self-centered person • Introverts are not only shy but also are more concerned about their thoughts, feelings, and mind.

  11. mal / mis bad • Examples of words that include mal / mis: • malevolent: adj.wishing harm to others; ill-willed; evil-minded • The glint in his dark, malevolent eyes revealed that he was up to no good. • misfortune: noun. bad fortune or luck • Romeo and Juliet had the misfortune of having families that were enemies.