how to facilitate a scoring session in your school n.
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How to Facilitate a Scoring Session in Your School PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Facilitate a Scoring Session in Your School

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How to Facilitate a Scoring Session in Your School - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Facilitate a Scoring Session in Your School . Check on Tech. Audio Wizard Elluminate tools Hand raise Microphone Smiley face Checkmark Chat box Polling . Virtual Meeting Norms. Please…

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check on tech
Check on Tech
  • Audio Wizard
  • Elluminate tools
    • Hand raise
    • Microphone
    • Smiley face
    • Checkmark
    • Chat box
    • Polling

IU 13 LDC Webinar

virtual meeting norms
Virtual Meeting Norms


  • participate by using the microphone, answering poll questions, collaborating in breakout rooms and using the chat window.
  • raise your hand to indicate that you’d like to use the microphone when it is time for questions.
  • release the microphone when you are finished.
  • use the door to indicate that you are away from your computer if you need to step out.

IU 13 LDC Webinar

goals for this afternoon
Goals for This Afternoon…
  • Offer options for structuring your team LDC scoring session.
  • Discuss the importance of calibration and collaborative scoring.

IU 13 LDC Webinar

your scoring session
Your Scoring Session

IU 13 LDC Webinar

your turn
Your Turn…
  • In the chat window, please respond to the following question:

Why might it be beneficial to begin the scoring session with a calibration activity?

IU 13 LDC Webinar

scoring session roles
Scoring Session Roles
  • Group facilitator
    • Keeps the group on task
  • Time-keeper
    • Reminds group of time and keeps the meeting moving
  • Recorder
    • Takes notes on questions, issues, agreements, and new understandings

IU 13 LDC Webinar

calibration activity
Calibration Activity

Protocols for ½ day and 1 hour scoring sessions as well as the Results and Response sheet can be found on the IU 13 LDC Portal.

Click on “Training.”

Click on “Face-to-Face Collaboration Days

Open documents under “Day 2.”

IU 13 LDC Webinar

calibration activity tips for a paper w an annotation
Calibration Activity Tips(for a paper w/ an annotation)
  • For small groups, use chart paper or the whiteboard to tally scores.
  • For large groups, electronic tallying is more efficient.
  • The group facilitator should focus the group on justifying their scores with evidence from the student paper.
  • Spend adequate time trying to reach consensus before sharing annotations.
  • Be careful not to “double ding.”
calibration activity tips
Calibration Activity Tips
  • Guiding Questions:
    • What language on the rubric did you highlight? Why?
    • What evidence in the student paper led you to that score?
    • How does the evidence in the student paper relate to common core expectations for the appropriate grade band?
directions to make a copy of the google form for calibration
Directions to “Make a Copy” of the Google Form for Calibration
  • Go to:
  • Click on “File.”
  • Select “Make a copy.”
  • Rename your copy of the Google Form for your school/district.
  • Share your new link to your copy of “live form” with the participants who will be calibrating.
ldc results and response sheet
LDC Results and Response Sheet


  • Use one sheet per class.
  • Next to each student’s name, put an X under the level of performance for each of the 7 scoring domains.
  • Use completed results to analyze patterns in student performance and determine instructional needs.

IU 13 LDC Webinar

upcoming webinars
Upcoming Webinars

Upcoming Webinars: (3:00 – 3:45pm)

  • April 4th: District Sharing: Formative Assessment and Grading Practices Using the LDC Rubric
  • April 18th: Using Primary Source Documents and LDC

IU 13 LDC Webinar

contact us
Contact Us!

Barbara Smith- LDC Site Lead


Phone: (717) 606-1374

Cell Phone: (717) 644-1144

Skype: barbaraa_smith_iu

Twitter: @BarbSmith2

Kelly Galbraith- LDC Consultant


Phone: (717) 606-1667

Cell Phone: (717) 419-4069

Skype: kelly.galbraith.iu

Twitter: @galbraith_kelly

Ruth Manthey-LDC Program Assistant


Phone: (717) 606-1939

Tweet about LDC! @LDCIU13

IU 13 LDC Webinar