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Warfare. Warm Up. On a new page in your notebooks, create the KWL Chart about Medieval Knights and fill in the “Know” and “Want to Know” sections. You have 5 minutes to complete this activity. Directions.

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Warm up
Warm Up

On a new page in your notebooks, create the KWL Chartabout Medieval Knightsandfill in the “Know” and “Want to Know” sections. You have 5 minutes to complete this activity.


Please turn in your Weapons Drawinghomework if you went to Binationals. Everyone who stayed, please turn in your Video Analysis on “A Knight’s Tale.” Once I have picked up your work, please get a green textbook next to the window and open to page 169.

The importance of warfare
The Importance of Warfare

  • Powerful lords were constantly competing for power

  • Knights were more likely to be captured than killed

  • Knights fought in iron armor and with heavy weapons

The importance of warfare1
The Importance of Warfare

  • Warfare could be disastrous for the peasants who farmed the land

  • Castles were built on top of hills or near rivers to provide some protection

  • Most castles were very unpleasant places to live

  • Warfare eventually would decline when the church tried to stop some of the fighting or rulers became powerful enough to control their lords and vassals


  • Chivalry combined Christian values and virtues of a good warrior

  • Chivalry also dictated rules of warfare

  • Chivalry did not have anything to do with a knight’s behavior towards peasants and common people


  • Page

  • Squire

  • Knight


  • Starts around age 7

  • Serving in the household

  • Learning Swordplay

  • Playing chess and other strategy games

  • Hunting with hawks and falcons

  • Learning code of courtesy expected of knights


  • Starts around age 13-14

  • Acting as a personal servant to a knight

  • Learning jousting

  • Assisting knights in battle

  • Taking charge of prisoners captured in battle


  • Starts around age 18-22

  • Serving lords as warriors

  • Overseeing land as vassals

  • Taking part in tournaments

Important terms definitions
Important Terms & Definitions

Page – a boy who acts as a knight’s attendant in the first stage of becoming a knight

Squire – a young nobleman who acts as a personal servant to a knight and who will soon become a knight


Please take a moment and complete the “Learned” section of your KWL chart on knights.

Journal writing
Journal Writing

In your notebook, answer the following question in 10 complete sentences: “How would you feel if you were chosen to be a knight?”Explain if you would be happy, sad, scared, etc.

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