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Spiritual Warfare

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Spiritual Warfare. ‘Standing in the Gap’ Ezekiel 22:30 - Fervent Intercession. Example of Abraham interceding for Sodom and Gomorrah Identification and empathy ‘ We’… not ‘ they’ deep repentance for the sins of forefathers, ungodly leaders etc. Blowing the Shofah.

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standing in the gap ezekiel 22 30 fervent intercession
‘Standing in the Gap’Ezekiel 22:30 - Fervent Intercession

Example of Abraham interceding for Sodom and Gomorrah

Identification and empathy ‘ We’… not ‘ they’

deep repentance for the sins of forefathers, ungodly leaders etc

blowing the shofah
Blowing the Shofah

Blowing the shofar is powerful in spiritual warfare:

1. as a warning or wake up call

2. a call to battle

3. celebration of victory

worship is a powerful weapon
Worship is a powerful weapon

Exalting the Lord lifts our eyes from the natural to God’s throne room and draws on the supernatural power of heaven

prayer gatherings
Prayer Gatherings

Agreement in prayer and unity across denominational racial and cultural boundaries is powerful.

breaking bread and sharing communion
Breaking Bread and sharing Communion

Is a sign of unity and reminds the enemy of the power of the blood of Jesus.

being a watchman
Being a Watchman

1. be alert to events in the news/media

2. hear what God is saying

3. be obedient in acting

intercession with reference to watchtowers john stubbe

We need prayer watches,

including children, like the Moravian church 24 hours a day for 100 years!

Intercession with reference to Watchtowers (John Stubbe)

In the bible, there are two types of watchtowers mentioned:

‘migdal’ - Isaiah 5, Matthew 21:33-in relation to watching over the harvest

‘mitzpah’ at gates or corners of the walls

Isaiah 21:6-8, a military watchtower.

This can be interpreted as meaning that we need two types of intercession:

praying in the harvest i.e. praying unbelievers into the kingdom

warring against the enemy

territorial mapping

Territorial Mapping

Cindy Jacobs defines this as ‘researching a city to discover the inroads that Satan has made preventing the sharing of the gospel’

George Otis of Transformations, describes it as ‘an attempt to see the world as it really is and not as it appears’.

It involves researching the history to discover the important people and events, godly and ungodly behaviour, especially any covenants made.

digging the wells of revival

Digging the Wells of Revival

Involves finding out about the history/background.

Who started it? How long did it last? etc.

What were the character traits of the individuals?

e.g. Jacob wrestling with God.

It is understanding God’s heart and the background.

Find out where any witchcraft came from.

Where did it start? When?

Know the seasons so that you can plan counter action.

It must be well planned and organised.

Document everything as this gives a sense of direction.

The trust worthy character of the leaders gains respect

from the public.

territorial spirits

Territorial Spirits

Territorial spirits operate in specific geographic locations affecting the behaviour in homes and areas.

There are things you do in the bathroom, you can’t do in the gateway! e.g. living room, office rituals. Some are not allowed to operate in area X.

e.g. plagues in one area, peace in another. On one side of the road, people freely receive tracts whilst on the other they are rejected.

It is important for intercessors and missionaries to make a covenant to obey God and go wherever he sends them.

Sodom and Gomorrah- the spirit of homosexuality caused the destruction of these towns.

Homosexuality can destroy a whole nation. We must stand against homosexuality in the Church and not compromise!

The 7 Churches of Asia - each had its own territorial spirit,

which God judged.

The Church must be purified. It will be judged first!

praying for specific territories
Praying for Specific Territories

Jesus prayed for a specific territory, Jerusalem. He had to die there. So did many of the prophets,

Stephen and other disciples. (Matthew 23: 37-39)

A main mental hospital in Jerusalem is in a place where

a lot of blood has been shed.

persistent prayer of faith works
Persistent Prayer of Faith Works

Daniel 10:13 The Prince of Persia resisted for 21 days. The archangel Michael came to help.

Curses for Disobedience Blessings from ObedienceJonah 1 The city of Ninevah (and whole nation) was ripe for God’s judgement.

Jaffa was the place of decision for Jonah to disobey

God and to suffer being cast into the sea and

swallowed by a whale,

but for Cornelius to obey and come into blessing.

The body often suffers when we disobey.

jesus proclaimed judgements on korazin and bethsaida matthew 11 20 24
Jesus proclaimed judgements on Korazin and Bethsaida. (Matthew 11:20-24 )

Most of Jesus’ major healings took place in Capernaum.

(9 out of 44) Peter’s mother-in- law, the paralytic, blind men, the leper, the Centurian’s servant, the woman with the issue of blood and Jairus’ daughter was raised.

types of sin that bring the judgement of god
Types of sin that bring the judgement of God

1. Idolatry - Has an area been dedicated to foreign gods?

Deuteronomy 27:15‘cursed is the man

who carves an image or casts an idol.’


2. Shedding of bloodDeuteronomy 27:25Abortion is illegal. An embryo has a mature spirit e.g.‘the baby lept in the womb’ (John the Baptist recognising Jesus in the womb. (Luke1:41) It is possible to receive a curse in the womb

3. A decision of leaders to reject God or to engage in ungodly practices.The place then becomes a gate for evil and has to be redeemed.

war memorials and victory arches
War Memorials and Victory Arches

These glorify war and the spirit of death.

Pouring wine on the ground and speaking life brings healing and cleansing.

places of conflict family feuds battlefields
Places of Conflict, Family Feuds, Battlefields

Repentance is needed , especially where innocent blood has been shed.

4. Injustices Deuteronomy 27:19 ‘Cursed is the one who perverts justice for the alien , the fatherless and the widow’.

e.g. in Senegal -a ‘door of no return’ on slave ships.

calcutta city of wonder
Calcutta, ‘city of wonder’

Built by the British for 1 million people-now 26 million are trying to survive on the same area of land. Women are giving birth where people are dying of disease in open sewers. Beggars, buses and cows are all vying for space.

5 immorality on a city wide level deuteronomy 27 21 23 incest and bestiality
5. Immorality on a city wide level. Deuteronomy 27:21-23 -incest and bestiality

6. Total disregard for God’s law

Deuteronomy 28:15 - curses for disobedience-on the city, country, womb, land, crops; barreness and disease.


CURSES Who can pronounce a curse?

  • God e.g. Genesis 3:14-19on the serpent, Adam and Eve
  • and the ground
  • b. An angel ‘Thus saith the Lord..’ e.g. striking Zechariah dumb
  • ( Luke 1:20)
  • c. a father (parent) Genesis 9:25Noah cursed his son Canaan; Genesis 49:4 Jacob cursed his son Reuben.
  • d. God’s anointed servants- e.g. Joshua
  • N.B a son cannot pronounce a curse or break a curse on his father.
  • We cannot curse God or an anointed man of God.
  • Beware- if you submit to the authority of one of these,
  • for example by taking your shoes off, they have the right to pronounce a curse on you!
  • The devil is illegally reigning through the ignorance of Christians.
What is at the foundation? Buildings are often places where laws are made. Covenants can be put under the foundation stones.

Joshua 6:26 a floating curse: whoever tried to rebuild Jericho would loose the firstborn son and whoever set up the gates,

his youngest son would die. This was fulfilled 50 years later

(1 Kings 16:34)

breaking a curse is essential
Breaking a curse is essential.

2 Kings 2:19-22 Elisha healed the spring in Jericho by throwing salt on the water. It was only after Elijah went to heaven and Elisha received the double portion that the curse could be broken.

Personal repentance is not enough. God has given us the anointing/mandate to break a curse.

Oil or water can be used to cleanse an area.

water springs are often places used for demonic power and the sites of war
WATER SPRINGS are often places used for demonic power and the sites of war.

Find out the times and seasons in which witches operate.. Don’t take grace as a covering for sin, there are consequences!

Cut off of all curses and covenants made over a water place.

Put salt or oil on the water e.g. Elisha healing the spring in Jericho

gates the summer solstice is a major spiritual gate
GATES: The Summer Solstice is a Major Spiritual Gate

Stonehenge is an ancient pagan site of sun worship and is the focal point for witches, New Age worshippers and Druids to gather at sunrise on the longest day.

Christians need to reclaim this gate through worship and by cancelling occult curses in the name of Jesus Christ.

gates places of government political gates
GATES Places of Government / Political Gates

We need to break the power of any ungodly contracts/laws that have been made

proclaim God’s Kingdom to come and for the government to be on His shoulders.

praying for our cities jim goll
Praying for our Cities (Jim Goll)

We need to pray and work for thekingdom not just the church. i.e. must break down the barriers between clergy and laity.

We need watchmen

on the walls

prayer walking about the city

on the hills(taking the high places) and in the countryside.

Pastors and prophets and intercessors need to come together from different groups and denominations and agree in prayer. Similarly gatekeepers and watchmen need to co-operate.

We must lift up governmental and commercial eldership.