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Monica Richardson & Mandy Rinker

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Monica Richardson & Mandy Rinker
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  1. Monica Richardson & Mandy Rinker ED608 Fall 2001

  2. The Three Branches of Government 5th Grade Lesson Plan

  3. PRESENTATION OVERVIEW • Objective(s) • Materials Needed • Web Site(s) • Student Activities • Lesson

  4. Objectives • Understand the why the branches of government were formed. • Learn the definition of each branch of government. • Know the roles and responsibilities of each branch of government. • Understand how the three branches interact.

  5. Materials Needed • TV/VCR, tape School House Rock • LCD Projector, Screen, PowerPoint Presentation- Branches of Government • Overhead, Transparency-Branches of Government • Handout Chart-Branches of Government • Centers: Jeopardy game; Farmer Henson Matching tags/chart; Branches of Government Guided Reading Packet

  6. Web Sites • • • • • •

  7. Student Activities • Factory - Government Comparison • School House Rock Video • PowerPoint Presentation • Checks & Balances Chart • Meet Farmer Henson • Lawmaker Journaling • Jeopardy Game • Technology Center • Guided Reading

  8. Lesson Introduction • Factory – Government Comparison Using the overhead, the teacher shares with the class in a large group discussion the comparison between how a factory makes a widget to how the branches make a law.

  9. Lesson Background • School House Rock Video Students view a short 3 minute video on how the branches of government operate. The video compares the branches of government to a three- ring circus.

  10. Lesson Overview • PowerPoint Presentation (see as follows…)


  12. Inquiring minds should want to know… • What are the three branches of government? • Why do we need three branches? • Who are the leaders of the three branches of government? • What are the roles of the three branches of government? • How do the branches work together?

  13. Why three branches? • Limitation of Powers – • Separation of Powers – • Checks & Balances – Reduce Control Divide Control Share Control

  14. Branches of Government Executive Legislative Judicial

  15. Legislative Branch • Congress • Responsible for making laws Senate Senators/2 per state House of Representatives Representatives/based on population Originate a bill, get a majority vote from all of Congress, get the President to approve – bill becomes a law

  16. Executive Branch • The President • Responsible for enforcing laws • Elected and serves for no more than two consecutive 4-year terms, appoints members of the President’s cabinet • Commander-in-chief of the armed forces, deals with other countries, • veto power

  17. Judicial Branch • Supreme Court • Responsible for interpreting the laws Appointed by the President, highest court, there are 9 total members, serve a lifetime term Overrule decisions made by lower courts, determine actions made by the President or Congress unconstitutional

  18. ReviewBranches of Government Executive Branch The President enforces laws Judicial Branch The Supreme Court interprets laws Legislative Branch Congress makes laws

  19. Lesson Small Group Activity • Checks & Balances Chart In small groups using notes taken from the presentation, students will complete this chart covering the powers of the branches of government.

  20. Lesson Center Activity • Meet Farmer Henson Students will read how a bill becomes a law and apply this process to putting 12 steps taken by Farmer Henson in order to complete the bill to law process.

  21. Lesson Center Activity • Lawmaker Journaling Students will think of a law they feel needs to be added and write a letter to their congressman making this request, being sure to include facts to support their reasons why.

  22. Lesson Center Activity • Jeopardy Game Students will play this game using vocabulary from the unit, definitions missed by students are to be written out.

  23. Lesson Center Activity • Technology Center Students are to go the designated web site and following directions. Students will complete a drawing using Kid Pix.

  24. Lesson Center Activity • Guided Reading Students will read orally through a booklet from this module and highlight the important information while discussing with the teacher ideas presented.

  25. Now you tell me… How does our Government work?