high water mark campaign raising community awareness of flood risk n.
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High Water Mark Campaign Raising Community Awareness of Flood Risk PowerPoint Presentation
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High Water Mark Campaign Raising Community Awareness of Flood Risk

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High Water Mark Campaign Raising Community Awareness of Flood Risk - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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High Water Mark Campaign Raising Community Awareness of Flood Risk
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  1. High Water Mark CampaignRaising Community Awareness of Flood Risk NAFSMA 2013 Sally M. Ziolkowski Mitigation Division DirectorFEMA Region 9 December 11, 2013

  2. Presentation Overview • Introduction, High Water Mark Campaign • Community Engagement • Federal Partner Involvement • Pilot HWM Communities • Pilot Snapshot: Sacramento/Roseville, CA Event • Event Speakers • Event Media Coverage • Lessons Learned • Next Steps: National Roll Out Strategy Development • Questions

  3. High Water Mark (HWM) Campaign • The Know Your Line: Be Flood Aware HWM Campaign is a National initiative to enhance awareness of flood risk • Events encourage communities to: • Work closely with local, State, and Federal contacts • Post markers to identify how high flood waters have risen in the past • Hold a high-profile launch event • Reinforce with ongoing outreach • Objectives are to raise awareness of flood risk to drive community mitigation actions

  4. Community Engagement • Communities launch a High Water Mark Campaign to: • Underscore their commitment to community safety • Galvanize their community to take steps now to reduce the often devastating impact of floods • Earn Community Rating System Rating (CRS) points • Put Federal and State mitigation assistance funds to work Sacramento/Roseville, CA HWM Launch Event Sign Unveiling

  5. Federal Partner Involvement

  6. Five Pilot HWM Communities

  7. Pilot Snapshot: Sacramento/Roseville, CA HWM event • Event Highlights • Launch Date: Nov. 8, 2013 • Participants: Cities of Rosevilleand Sacramento, USACE, FEMA, USGS, CA DWR, and others • Sign Locations: Garcia Park, Sacramento Fire Department buildings, Roseville city streets, and other locations • Timing: During California Flood Preparedness Week • Special Feature: Engaged local school children to be a part of the event to drive message to family members

  8. Event Speakers • Central Valley Flood Protection Board: Bill Edgar, President • City of Sacramento: Darrell Fong, Council member • California Department of Water Resources: KeithSwanson, Division of Flood Management Chief • California’s 6th Congressional District: Congresswoman Doris Matsui • Federal Emergency Management Agency: Nancy Ward, FEMA Region IX Regional Administrator • US Army Corps of Engineers: Tambour Eller, USACE Sacramento District Deputy for Programs and Project Management • City of Roseville: Vice Mayor Carol Garcia Sacramento/Roseville HWM Event Speakers

  9. Media Coverage • Positive media coverage • Three local news channels present • Active social media presence • Strong tie-ins with California Flood Awareness Week

  10. Lessons Learned • Value of a High Water Mark Campaign • Viewed as a new, innovative way for community engagement • Demonstrated local, State, and Federal partnership • Served as entry point for greater community action • Served as mechanism for communities to explore becoming part of the Community Rating System (CRS) • Critical Campaign Components • Community ownership is key • Leveraging existing partnerships and contacts broadens the campaign’s reach • Elected officials drive media coverage • Tying the launch to a major flood anniversary is powerful • Including kids drives coverage and takes the message home

  11. Next Steps: National Roll Out Strategy Development • With the completion of five pilot campaigns, FEMA is seeking feedback on the design of a National roll out strategy • FEMA seeks to understand: • The campaign’s value to the community and its partners • The campaign’s strengths and areas of improvement as it is currently administered • The means to further drive community mitigation action using the campaign • The tools and resources needed for successful implementation • FEMA is working with past pilot participants, its Federal partners, FEMA Regions, and others to design a National campaign • 35 communities have contacted FEMA to learn more! Proposed Future Current

  12. Q&A For more information contact: Vincent Brown, Senior Program Specialist Federal Insurance and Mitigation AdministrationRisk Analysis Division Washington, DC vincent.brown@fema.dhs.gov http://www.fema.gov/know-your-line-high-water-mark-initiative