How to mummify a chicken
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How to Mummify a Chicken. The Saga of Pharaoh Kno-Hed. Join us as we explore Egypt’s mysterious mummies. Why did the Egyptians Make Mummies?. They believed in life after death You need to have a body if you have a life. First Stage Materials. 1 (or more) Cornish game hen

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How to mummify a chicken

How to Mummify a Chicken

The Saga of



Why did the egyptians make mummies
Why did the Egyptians Make Mummies?

  • They believed in life after death

  • You need to have a body if you have a life

First stage materials
First Stage Materials

  • 1(or more) Cornish game hen

  • Salt (1-25 lb. bag recommended)

  • 2 gallon Zip-Loc freezer bags—2 per hen

  • Paper towels

  • Hand Sanitizer

Step1 1

  • Cover work area with paper

  • Remove game hen from wrapping

Step 1 2
Step 1.2

  • Prepare plastic bags by:

    • Place one plastic bag inside another plastic bag. Do this for each hen being mummified

    • Add 6 cups salt to the bag

Step 1 3
Step 1.3

  • Add hen to the bag

  • Add salt on top of the hen

  • Add more salt on top of the hen

Step 1 4
Step 1.4

  • Put bag away for two weeks

  • Wash hands

  • Use hand sanitizer

Step 2
Step 2

  • After the 2 weeks, remove chicken and brush of salt.

  • Repeat the salting process

  • Let sit another 3 weeks

Step 3a
Step 3a

  • Wipe salt off chicken

  • Rinse well and dry

  • Apply hand sanitizer to the chicken (and to your own hands)

  • Sprinkle with cloves and cinnamon, if desired

  • Allow to dry thoroughly

Step 3b
Step 3b

  • Material needed for wrapping Mummy

  • White Glue

  • Strips of old sheeting—any color will do as it will be gilded

  • Water

Step 3c
Step 3c

  • Dip strips of cloth into glue, which has been poured into a container

  • Place the strips around the chicken

  • Lower layers do not matter, as a final smooth layer will be applied

Step 4
Step 4

  • Place chicken in a cool dry place

  • Let chicken dry a minimum of 1 week

Step 5
Step 5

  • Take dried mummy outside and spray with gold paint.

  • Give at least 3 coats.


  • Now you can tell all your friends that you have made a real mummy. That will gross them out big time, and make you the envy of all the other middle school kids.

  • Do not attempt this without adult supervision, as a 25 pound bag of salt is very hard to sweep up if you drop it.

  • Wash hands often


  • Star: Pharaoh Kno-Hed

  • Directed by:

    • Megan Padilla-Pagan

    • Taylor Couret

    • Amari Hathaway

    • Marques Harvey

    • Emannuel Feaster

  • Produced by: Pat Plummer

  • Filmed at: Studio T-II, MHMS production studios

Final notes
Final notes

  • The gilding and bejeweling pictures are from last year. The memory card from my camera was stolen right after we did the final part this year. Never recovered.

  • Web sites: