slavery abolition n.
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Slavery & Abolition

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Slavery & Abolition - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Slavery & Abolition. Chapter 8 Section 2. I Abolitionists Speak Out. Africanb Aericans were joined by some whites in support of abolition Abolition= Movement to outlaw slavery. A. William Lloyd Garrison. WLG oublished the Liberator to deliver mnessage of Emancipation

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slavery abolition

Slavery & Abolition

Chapter 8 Section 2

i abolitionists speak out
I Abolitionists Speak Out
  • AfricanbAericans were joined by some whites in support of abolition
    • Abolition= Movement to outlaw slavery
a william lloyd garrison
A. William Lloyd Garrison
  • WLG oublished the Liberator to deliver mnessage of Emancipation
    • Emancipation= freeing of slaves
  • Garison gathered large nu,mber of white support for abolition movement
b frederick douglas
B. Frederick Douglas
  • Was born into slavery and taught to read & write by slave owners wife
  • Ran awaymetWLGbecome spokesperson for WLG’s Anti Slavery Society
  • Began his own anti-slavery newaspaper called The North Star
    • Named after the star that guided slaves to freedom in underground RR
ii life under slavery a rural slavery
II Life Under SlaveryA. Rural Slavery
  • Most lived & worked on large plantations
    • Worked from sun up to sun down
    • Frequently whipped
    • Lived in small, cramped, dirty quarters
  • Worked in field picking cotton or inside as cooks and servants
b urban slavery
B. Urban Slavery
  • Profits from farmingwhites leaving urban jobs to become farmers
    • Lack of laborers in urban centers
    • AF. Amer. Fill the need for skilled labor like blacksmithing
  • Slave owners “hired out” many slaved
    • Collected their pay & did not have to supervise them
c nat turner s rebellion
C. Nat Turner’s Rebellion
  • Nat Turner= slave that led slave revolt that attacked plantations uerging slaves to join him
    • Killed many slave owners and their fam
  • Whites responded by attacking Turner & his followers
    • Captured and hung
  • Nat Turner’s Rebellion strengthening of the slave codes to ensure a slave revolt never happebned again
iii slave owners oppose abolition a virginia debate
III Slave Owners Oppose AbolitionA. Virginia Debate
  • Future of slavery brought up by non-slave holding whites in western VA
    • Vote to abolish slavery was defeated
  • The loss ended debate on slavery in the antebellum south
    • Antebellum= pre-civil war
b regulating african americans
B. Regulating African Americans
  • Southernbers feared education would inspiure another slave revolt
  • Strengthened control through slave codes
    • Free & enslaved blacks could not preach bible
    • Free blacks could note vote, purchase gun, alc., assemble publicly
  • Whites formed vigilance commitees to ensure rules were followed
c proslavery arguments
C. Proslavery Arguments
  • Bible used to defend slaveryslavery fostered Christian civ. Among African Amer.
  • Myth of the happy slave= N fired ppl when they were too old or expensive whereas southern slaves were taken care of for life
  • Abolitionists swamped congress w/ hundreds of petitions
  • Congress counters w/ the gag rule
    • Gag rule= limiting or preventing debate on an issue in congress
  • Took away constitutional right for citizens to petition
    • Calls for abolition grew violent