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Connecting Activities FY’2007 Creating Quality Work and Learning Experiences

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Connecting Activities FY’2007 Creating Quality Work and Learning Experiences - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Connecting Activities FY’2007 Creating Quality Work and Learning Experiences. Three Levels of Placement. Work and Learning Levels. Work and Learning Levels. Definitions and Program Models. Brokered Internship/Co-op Placement.

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brokered internship co op placement
Brokered Internship/Co-op Placement

Direct placement by School to Career / Connecting Activities Staff

Brokered Internship or Co-op Placement

Or staff play another role, such as providing:* WBL Plan* Workshops* Internship Classes

connected to career or academic development
Connected to Career or Academic Development

Placement based on career interests

Placement based on career pathway or vocational/technical program

Connections to Career Development

Opportunity to explore different aspects of job

Opportunity to pursue a special project

Formal and informal career mentoring

WBL Plan highlights career skills

connected to career or academic development1
Connected to Career or Academic Development

Academic skills highlighted in WBL Plan

Connection to aclass or internship seminar

Connections to Academic Development

Opportunity to pursue a special project

Community service learning

School-based enterprise

Co-op placement

Connection to MCAS remediation through Academic Support grants (Level C)

integrated work and learning model
Integrated Work and Learning Model

Work and Learning Placement is connected with an Academic Support MCAS Remediation program (using DOE Academic Support Grants)

Integrated Work and Learning Placements

mcas levels
MCAS Levels

Since FY2004, Connecting Activities providers have been asked to use MCAS results as a means for targeting a broad group of students who will benefit from these work and learning connections.

Note that the focus of the Connecting Activities program is on providing quality work and learning experiences that connect to career and academic development … the MCAS criteria for the program should be somewhat invisible to students.

benefits of work and learning placements
Benefits of Work and LearningPlacements

Brokering by School to Career / Connecting Activities Staff

And more …

Connections to Community: Caring Adults, Mentors, Postsecondary Options

Experience enhanced by WBL Plan

Connections to MCAS Remediation

Connections to Career Development

Connections to Academic Development

program models
Program Models

WMECO Careers Program

Learning for Life

Student Ambassadors Program

Classroom at the Workplace

Public Safety Internship Program

Please submit your program models to add to this presentation!!

learning for life
Learning for Life

In Learning for Life, students from Haverhill High School who have multiple barriers to success gain workplace experience as Customer Service Representatives, Construction Laborers, and Dietary Aides. Students gain entrepreneurial and practical experience through a student-run café located at the Haverhill City Hall. Students are responsible for café operations, collecting and delivering orders, cooking lunch and breakfast items (microwave and Foreman grill for hot items), checking inventory and ordering items as needed. This is partially-funded via WIA and all students have a Work-Based Learning Plan.

classroom at the workplace
Classroom at the Workplace

In Classroom in the Workplace, students receive 8-10 hours per week of classroom MCAS remediation, integrated with their paid summer jobs. Students work for several major employers in Boston in health care, financial services and other industries, with student wages paid by the employers. A Department of Education Academic Support grant provides funding for teachers who provide classroom instruction in conference rooms at the worksite for several mornings per week.

public safety internship program
Public Safety Internship Program

In the Public Safety Internship Program, students from Monument High School, a small school with a public safety theme, work in public safety internships after school during the school year. Interns also meet one day per week after school as a group to work on resumes, goal setting activities, leadership and advocacy skills, and other internship-related projects. The program is supported by the Boston Police Activities League.

student ambassador program
Student Ambassador Program

In the Student Ambassador Program, eight students from five Franklin County High schools were involved in a pilot program that introduced them to allied health careers within the Franklin Medical Center. The students applied, interviewed and were selected to spend eight weeks last summer at FMC matched with mentors from Nursing, Rehabilitation, Cardiopulmonary, Pharmacy, Food Services/Dietary and Radiology/Imaging. Mentors explained their jobs, discussed career opportunities and educational requirements, and allowed students to shadow them on site. The students and their parents also attended special career-focused evening events and some of the students opted for one-time observations in Surgery, Oncology and Obstetrics departments. This was a non-paid part-time internship experience, linked with the Work Based Learning Plan. Students, parents, mentors and hospital administrators gathered for a special evening graduation ceremony where students spoke of their experiences and received certificates of accomplishment from both the FMC and the Franklin/Hampshire Regional Employment Board.

wmeco careers program
WMECO Careers Program

In the Western Massachusetts Electric Company (WMECO) Careers Program, four Franklin County Technical School (FCTS) electrical shop students were selected for full-time paid summer internships at the WMECO Operations Centers in Hadley and Greenfield. All of the students successfully completed an intensive career exploration program during the school year as they researched parent company Northeast Utilities (NU) and WMECO through visits to the NU Training Center, tours of the WMECO Operations Center and transmission Substations. All students attended WMECO’s SERT Training in classes alongside WMECO employees where they learned safety and work performance standards for the utilities industry. All students were expected to meet FCTS academic and disciplinary standards for the program while preparing resumes, cover letters, and references for interviews with the WMECO team for the summer jobs. The summer interns where guided by the Work Based Learning Plan and monitored by School-To-Career staff throughout the program.


Measurement of Skill Gains

The Work-Based Learning Plan provides data that can be used to analyze skill gains made through jobs and internships.


Job and Internship - Skill Gain Career and Workplace Specific Skills

Career and Workplace Specific Skills


All Skills – Page 1

Accepting Direction and Constructive Criticism

Accounting skills

Accounting-Specific Skills

Administrative duties

Allocating Materials

Assessment of skills

Assist therapist

Attendance and Punctuality

Attention to Detail

Basic Administrating

Basic Maintenance

Basic Office Skills

Blueprint Reading

Business office specific

Business-Related Skills

Care of the kennel/hospital

Classroom Management

Clerical duties

Clerical tasks

Clerical tasks

Client Interaction

Clinical observation

Collecting and Organizing Information

Collection/Organizing Information


Communications Center

Community Policing

Communication, Information, and acting in a professional manner.

Computer Skilled

Computer Technology

Courtroom-Specific Skills

Customer Service

Data Entry

Data Management and Backup

Decision Making

Demonstrating Authority

Design Skills

Detective Bureau - Time Management - Collecting & Organizing Information


All Skills – Page 2

Education Specific Skills

Education-Specific Skills

Emergency calls

Equipment Operation

Equipment Repair

Event set up


Graphic design projects

Group presentations

Helping to prepare for the day

Interact with coworkers & basic workplace skills

Interact. with Customers and Coworkers

Interacting with Co-Workers

Interacting With Customers

Interacting with customers and clients

Interacting with others

Interacting with Patients

Interacting with Students

Interacting with Teachers, Students & Mentors

Interaction with children

Interaction within the preschool and classroom settings

Interacting with Customers or Clients

Journalism-Specific Skills

Keeping attendance records

Learn Physical Therapy skills

Legal-Specific Skills



Mathematical analysis


Mathematics and Numeric Analysis

Motivation and Taking Initiative

MS Office Suite

Nursing Career exploration

Nursing-Specific Skills

Observe/Chiropractic Clinic

Observe/Rheumatology Clinic

Occupational-Specific Skills


All Skills – Page 3

Office duties

Office management/Chiro clinic

Office management/Rheum Clinic

Office Skills

Office work

Operating a Dirt Compacter

Operating Laser and Transit

Patrol, Community Policing

Physical Therapy skills

Preparing materials


Probation Office-Specific Skills

Problem Solving

Production and Marketing Asst.

Professional behavior

Project Management

PT-Specific Skills


Records Department/Firearms

Research and Analysis

Safety and Precautions


Teaching and Instructing


Therapeutic interaction with Patients and families.

Time Management


Understanding All Aspects

Understanding all aspects of a surgical ICU unit

Understanding All Aspects of the Industry

Understanding Materials

Understanding Systems

Understanding Technology

Understanding Workplace Culture, Policy and Safety

Using Technology

Volunteer Management

Work with animals

Workplace Appearance