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Creating Professional Learning Communities that see Beyond the 3Rs… PowerPoint Presentation
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Creating Professional Learning Communities that see Beyond the 3Rs…

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Creating Professional Learning Communities that see Beyond the 3Rs… - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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LIASCD. Creating Professional Learning Communities that see Beyond the 3Rs… LIASCD October 14, 2005. “We need to put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children.” - Sitting Bull. Educators…

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Creating Professional Learning Communities that see Beyond the 3Rs…' - lorand

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Creating Professional Learning Communities that see

Beyond the 3Rs…

LIASCD October 14, 2005


“We need to put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children.”

- Sitting Bull


leaders of the PAC!

Social and Emotional Literacy

is the capacity to…

  • decode the behaviors of oneself and others.
  • communicate and model values and attitudes.
  • create environments where constituencies learn, grow, and achieve together.
new york times august 16 2005
New York TimesAugust 16, 2005

“No Emotion Left Behind”

By: Timothy P. Shriver and

Roger P. Weissberg

Research tells us that…

Success in the workplace

I.Q. predicts 20%

Emotional IQ predicts 80%

sel is worth the effort
SEL Is Worth The Effort!
  • SEL enhances the ability to…
  • problem solve creatively
  • appreciate cultural diversity
  • resolve conflicts peacefully
  • achieve higher scores
  • develop social/political consciousness
  • effectively communicate and be empathetic

Teacher or Student

Author Unknown

reflective journal entry
Reflective Journal Entry

How would you use this story in your school or district as a preview to SEL?

Reflective Practitioners understand that example is the most powerful teacher. They live their lives so that when their students think of caring and integrity…

Source: How to Develop a Professional Learning

Community: Passion and Persistence

by Rick DuFour


Reflective Practitioners

Master the



reflective practitioners have a common
Reflective Practitioners have a common…



Language Base

reflective practitioners
Reflective Practitioners…….










reflective practitioners1
Reflective Practitioners…
  • L ife-long learners
  • E nthusiastic and love their subject matter
  • A ctively participate in school-wide and district-wide activities
  • R isk-takers
  • N avigate and design effective instruction
  • E ducate all constituencies
  • R espectful and responsible
  • S ensitive to the social, emotional and intellectual needs of their students
what is the impact on the organization
What is the impact on the Organization?
  • T he creation of a Professional Learning Community
  • A safe, caring and responsive environment
  • L ong-term collaboration
  • E nhances the culture

Systemic Change


Beyond the 3Rs

Professional Learning Community





Academic Success

professional learning communities
Professional Learning Communities…
  • C hange the fabric of the school community
  • O rganize teams
  • R ecognize and support collaborative cultures
  • E mphasize mutually respectful relationships

Source: How to Develop a Professional Learning

Community: Passion and Persistence

by Rick DuFour

jericho middle school

Jericho Middle School

The past, the present and the future

passion and persistence
Passion and Persistence

Video Presentation:

How to Develop a Professional Learning Community

  • By: Richard DuFour
Brainstorm an idea that would

contribute to establishing or enhancing a

Professional Learning Community or an SEL Steering Committee in your school.

Reflective Journal Entry

New Teacher Orientation Programs
  • In-Service Training
  • Teacher Leadership Positions
  • SEL Steering Committee
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Differentiated Supervision

Multifaceted Approach

  • The SEL Classroom
  • Curricular Integration
  • The Implementation Process

Training Components of the SEL Classroom

  • Peaceable Classrooms
  • Values and Attitudes
  • Delivery of Instruction
  • Curricular Integration

The Peaceable Classroom

  • A safe, caring and respectful classroom emphasizes:
        • Cooperation
        • Caring communication
        • Appreciation of diversity
        • Expression of feelings
        • Responsible decision making
        • Conflict Resolution

Source: Center for Social and Emotional Education

What values and attitudes do you want demonstrated in your classroom/school environment?AThink, Pair, ShareActivity
the delivery of instruction in a sel classroom
Multiple Intelligences

Active Student Participation


Think Time



Teach for Meaning

Excite and Motivate

Accept yet EXTEND

Check for understanding


E valuate

Reflective Practice


The Delivery of Instruction in a SEL Classroom

Curricular Infusion

How can this be done without detracting from the schools’ primary mission of providing our students opportunities for developing competence as academic learners?

Exploring conflicts and points of view in literature

Exploring current issues and “hot topics”

Using problem solving and critical and creative thinking skills across the disciplines

Source: Center for Social and Emotional Education

Curriculum Infusion


What is Voices of Love and Freedom?A comprehensive K-12 reading, writing, and character education program. Source: Voices Publishing John Bluthardt, Business Director217 California StreetNewton, MA 02458617-964-3503Fax: 617-964-3513

voices of love and freedom can be used as a stand alone or complementary
Voices of Love and Freedom can be used as a stand alone or complementary:
  • Character education program
  • Violence prevention/conflict resolution program
  • Drug prevention program
  • After school program
  • Family literacy/family reading program

Source: Voices Publishing





Student Ambassadors





eave no one out

mpower yourself

muse with humor


istract the bully

nlist help

umorsstop with you

upport the victim

grade 6
  • Session 1: The Trial
  • Session 2: The Movie
  • Session 3: Class Quality Circle

Seventh and Eighth Grade Program Additions

SEL and Quality Circles: Integrated Approach

“Leadership is the ability to help other people achieve great things”.

-Author Unknown

  • Student Team Advisors
  • Brave Ambassadors Coordinators
  • Quality Circle Facilitators
jericho middle school1
Jericho Middle School

Social and Emotional Learning Resources

project wisdom tm k 12
Project Wisdom TMK-12

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, but felt in the heart”.

-Helen Keller

For more

life lessons through literature
Life Lessons Through Literature

Universal attributes of good character that form the foundations of community.








For more

facing history and ourselves
Facing History and Ourselves
  • History is a moral enterprise.
  • Teaching is a craft.
  • Adolescents are our future.

Facing History and Ourselves is based on the belief that education in a democracy must be what Alexis de Tocqueville called “an apprenticeship in liberty.” Facing History helps students find meaning in the past and recognize the need for participation and responsible decision making.

For more information:

The Center for Social and Emotional Education (CSEE) is an educational and professional development organization dedicated to supporting effective social emotional learning, teaching and leadership in our K-12 schools:

Promoting children’s social and emotional competencies; and,

Creating safe, caring, and responsive schools and homes.

CSEE integrates research and best practices from risk prevention, health promotion, mental health, effective citizenry, character education and social emotional learning to promote students’ ability to learn and develop in healthy ways.


casel star program
CASEL Star Program

(The Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning)

CASEL has identified “22” SEL programs which meet the highest standards for effectiveness.

The results are available in a booklet entitled Safe and Sound: An Educational Leader’s Guide to Evidence-Based Social and Emotional Learning Programs on the CASEL website

great teachers
Great Teachers…
  • Teach each child as an individual
  • Engage students in thinking for themselves
  • Demonstrate mastery of and enthusiasm for their subject matter
  • Have integrity and character
  • Are reflective practitioners who create classroom environments grounded in SEL
  • Understand that SEL is a prerequisite for academic success
  • Make professional growth an ongoing process

- Author Unknown

Teaching changes the World
  • Teaching brings Dreams to Life
  • Teaching is a Work of
professional development program
Professional Development Program

Creating Classrooms to Meet the Academic, Social, and Emotional Needs of Students

For additional information: