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Welcome!!. Who’s Who? Guess which portrait in the hall is your Shining Star! Use the form found on your child’s desk to guess Hint: It may not be the number on your child’s nametag Love Note

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  • Who’s Who?

    • Guess which portrait in the hall is your Shining Star! Use the form found on your child’s desk to guess

      • Hint: It may not be the number on your child’s nametag

  • Love Note

    • Take a moment to write a special note to your child. This will be on his/her desk in the morning when they arrive

    • Feel free to use pencils and crayons found in your child’s desk

Meet the teacher september 5 2013

Meet the TeacherSeptember 5, 2013

Mrs. Samford

[email protected]


Communication the foundation for a successful school year
COMMUNICATIONThe foundation for a successful school year

  • Feel free to send a note with your child if you have any questions or concerns, or call the school.

    • I will return your call within 24 hours.

  • You are may also email me for questions or minor concerns, or to request a phone call.

    • School policy says that I cannot discuss your child’s grades or behavior via email. I do prefer to talk over the phone when the concern is your child.

  • Of course, privacy dictates that I will not discuss any other child in the class with you, just as I will not discuss your child with any other parent.

Homework folder blue
Homework Folder (BLUE)

  • Mondays

    • The Peek

      • current information about what we are learning

      • upcoming events

      • spelling

      • vocabulary words with definitions

  • Your child will need to return their completed homework packet in the homework folder to school on Friday.

    • Should your child not bring their homework folder with completed homework packet then they will receive a work habits mark.


  • correlates with what we are learning in class

  • designed for the students to practice skills we are learning in class

    • Please work with your child to support them and encourage good homework habits

      • but please do not do their homework for them (will not show me what we need to work on)

    • Homework is a good indication where your child might excel or need improvement

    • Please check over your child’s homework

      • If your child is having trouble with a skill or concept, please note it for me on the packet. I will be keeping track at school as well.

    • The homework is also great study material for weekly tests and quizzes

      Thank you for supporting your child’s education!


  • read 15 - 20 minutes every night

    • This is critical to your child’s success in the second grade

  • give experience with all sorts of texts

    • read age-appropriate books

    • magazines

    • newspapers.

Tuesday folder red
Tuesday Folder (Red)

  • Tuesday or the 2nd day at School

    • conduct chart

      • This chart shows your child’s behavior for the previous week.

    • graded papers from the week before

    • information from the school

  • Please sign the behavior chart, remove and review graded papers and keep at home, and have your child return the folder on Wednesday.

    • If they return their folder after Wednesday then they will receive a work habit mark.


  • weekly conduct and work habits grade

    • SilverlakeElementary has a silent hallway policy

      • If the student talks or plays on the hallway, it is an automatic mark

  • Each nine weeks your child will begin on E, Grades are based on the following

    • (marked separately for Work Habits AND Conduct)

    • E = 0-8 marks

    • S = 9-14 marks

    • N = 15- 20 marks

    • U = 21 and above marks

Positive reinforcement

  • Silverlake Silver Dollar system

    • students can receive Silver Dollars from any teacher/staff/faculty for great hallway behavior, doing something nice, being helpful or especially kind

  • “Ticket system”

    • doing what they are supposed to be doing

    • going beyond what is asked of them

    • every Friday your child will have an opportunity to put their tickets in a drawing for a prize coupon

      • Your child may also choose to save their tickets for a “bigger” prize at the end of the year.

  • Extra Recess

Progress reports and report cards

  • progress report every 3-4 weeks

  • report card every 8-10 weeks

  • Will receive scale grades

    • Reading

    • Language Arts

    • Math

  • Letter Grades

    • Work Habits & Conduct

    • Handwriting

    • Science

    • Social Studies

  • Please check Skyward to monitor your child’s grade

  • Grading Scale:

    • 100 – 90 A

    • 89 – 80 B

    • 79 – 75 C

    • 74 – 70 D

    • 69 and below F


  • LUNCH 11:46 – 12:16

    • You are welcome to come eat with your child

    • Please sign- in at the office  


    • PE days (Tuesday, Friday and some Wednesdays)

      • tennis shoes

      • Please, no crocs, flip – flops, or sandals with holes

      • On any other PEAMS, your child may wear any dress-code approved foot wear.


    • Please send a note for my records to change how your child is to get home for a day or two

    • If you want to transportation permanently please the office

    • You may also call the office to make a change during the day


    Room Parent

    Copy Cat/Helper

    Help from home

    Party Planners

  • What is GRIT?

    Grit is working hard towards challenges, maintaining effort and interest over years despite failure, adversity, and plateaus in progress.

    But, we want our kids to do this while maintaining integrity and not leaving their hearts behind as they journey towards a goal.

    We want them to look back and be proudof who they are at the end of their journey.

    Web tour
    Web Tour

    • How to access Mrs. Samford’swebpage

    Thank you

    for coming!