Could any of these reasons really “make” someone do something? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Could any of these reasons really “make” someone do something? PowerPoint Presentation
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Could any of these reasons really “make” someone do something?

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Could any of these reasons really “make” someone do something?
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Could any of these reasons really “make” someone do something?

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  1. Could any of these reasons really “make” someone do something?

  2. Moral Responsibility & Freedom Explain 2 ways someone could pass on the blame for wrong doing- stealing from a corner-shop. **Are these excuses enough to let someone off their responsibility? Explain. • To define moral responsibility • To explain where moral responsibility comes from • To evaluate how choosing the good brings freedom

  3. Free will is a gift. It is one way humans show they are made in the image of God . We have free will because we can act differently - if we were put in the exact same situation a second time, we could do otherwise. Moral responsibility means that you are responsible for your actions. To be held responsible for your actions, you must Know what you are doing Have free will in that situation (be free to do otherwise) Animals do not have free will – they do not “know” what they are doing, and they cannot act otherwise then their nature or training tells them. Sort out the actions where you are and are not responsible What is moral responsibility? What 2 conditions must be true for someone to be held morally responsible? 3. Give an example of an action where you are responsible. Explain what 2 things make you responsible in this situation. 4. Give an example of an action that you cannot be held responsible for. Explain why you can’t be held responsible for it. **Why CAN we be held responsible for what we do, despite influencing factors like upbringing & peer pressure?

  4. What is moral responsibility? • When you are free • What you are told to do something responsible • When you can be blamed for something you did

  5. A good person is the freest. • Basing your decisions on what is good to do • frees you from following other influences How could this be true? Culture (The way we do things in the UK) Peer pressure habits Your biology/ psychology Random chance fashion upbringing

  6. You are free, when you base your choices based on what is goodbecause when you choose on the basis of “what is good”, you are not choosing things for other reasons - upbringing, fashion, your own desires – so you become free of these other influences when you only choose what is good. These other influences would endup controlling you - becoming a slave to fashion, greed, peer pressure or your parents’ views – but you can never be “controlled” by good. To help us choose what isgood, God gives us the 10 Commandments, Jesus’ teaching, the teaching of the Church and our own conscienc. These things help us to escape unfreedom of sin. Explain why making your choices based on what is good, makes you more free Explain what you think is the most important ways of helping you to know what the good is & why you chose this. **Does following Church teaching leave you more or less free?

  7. Watch the Video: Anthony Walker • What is the situation described in this video ? Mother’s Response • How did the mother respond? • How could she have reacted differently ? • What “influences” did she overcome? How? **Did her Christian faith make her more free than someone without any faith? BBC learning zone anthony walker

  8. Research a Christian who overcame other influences, to react in a Christian way, for good. • Eg with forgiveness, • Eg by standing up for right, in the face of opposition and difficulty. • Eg by doing good instead of evil • DESCRIBE the situation • IDENTIFY AND DESCRIBE 2-3 influences/ pressures on them, to make them react in certain ways • EXPLAIN how their Christian faith made them react differently • EVALUATE – did the practice of the Christian faith make them more free, than if they had reacted according to the other influences.