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Writing Folder. 7 th grade Title Sheet Terminology Notes Response to Lit Divider Sheet Response to Lit Notes Concrete Details Notes Rikki-Tikki / Diego “To Sleep Under the Stars” “Both Sides of the Fence” Persuasive Divider Sheet Persuasive Notes 6 th grade work.

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writing folder
Writing Folder
  • 7th grade Title Sheet
  • Terminology Notes
  • Response to Lit Divider Sheet
  • Response to Lit Notes
  • Concrete Details Notes
  • Rikki-Tikki / Diego
  • “To Sleep Under the Stars”
  • “Both Sides of the Fence”
  • Persuasive Divider Sheet
  • Persuasive Notes
  • 6th grade work
step 1 make a pro con list period b
Step 1:Make a Pro / Con List period B
  • Pro
  • Maintain health
  • Less diseases
  • Team spirit is positive
  • Kids in sports perform better academically Could lead to college scholarships
  • Lowers stress
  • Less likely to be a criminal
  • Leads to positive behavior
  • Well rounded (Gives leadership, Gives self esteem, Better social skills
  • Teaches time management / completing tasks
  • Con
  • Rising injury
  • Expensive
  • Loose focus on academics
  • Less time for hw
prompt should your school keep sports period b
Prompt: Should Your School Keep Sports? (period b)
  • Thesis - Sports should be part of every school.
  • TS Reason 1 – Participating in school sports creates a well rounded student. (Social development)
  • TS Reason 2 – Sports helps supervise students after school.
  • TS Reason 3 – By getting active in school sports, students build healthier bodies.
opposition period b
Opposition (period B)
  • TS: However, some people may argue that sports should not be part of school.
  • CD: They think sports cause too many injuries, which leads to more money wasted.
  • CM Proper equipment can be used to prevent injuries.
  • CM There are many good coaches that teach students how to play safe.
  • CS School should have sports.
reason 1 social benefits
Reason 1: social benefits
  • CDs
  • Develop leadership and team buildind skills
  • Good behavior/self discipline
  • Experience supportive relationships with adults and peers
  • Learn to define goal determine step
  • Interpersonal skils
  • Social circles
  • CMs
  • Leader
  • Disciplined
  • sportsmanship

Period B

reason 1
Reason 1
  • TS: First, participating in school sports creates a well-rounded student.
  • CD: Studies show that children that participate in sports show good behavior. (Scope)
  • CD: Katherine Bradley, PhD in Education, says that, “participants in middle school sports teams can develop interpersonal and leadership skills and increase their social circles.” (world news home)
  • CM: This is important because students need experience and social opportunities like sports to be successful in life.
  • CS: Clearly, school sports motivate students to be a better person.
shaping sheet reason 2

Period B

Shaping Sheet Reason 2
  • TS: Next, sports help supervise students after school.
  • CD: For example, the coaches that provide wisdom and encouragement can be good role models. (pamf.org)
  • CD According to “What you should know about Sports and Afterschool hours”, the number of children who are unsupervised in the afternoon has risen to 15.1 million or 26% of all children.” (www.up2us.org)
  • CM: This shows there is a need to keep children safe and out of trouble in these hours in which students can make wrong choices.
  • CS: By participating in after-school sports, students are watched over and kept busy.
shaping sheet reason 3

Period B

Shaping Sheet Reason 3
  • TS: Lastly, by getting active in school sports, students build healthier bodies.
  • CD: According to research, kids who participate in sports build muscle and bones and build resistance to disease. (www.cdc.org)
  • CD: Tim O’Shei stated in his article, “No, Sports are More Important Than Ever” that sports help to relieve stress that interferes with sleep and concentration. (O’Shei p.12)
  • CM: Students need this fun activity to stay fit, and sports will even help students do better in school.
  • CS: Furthermore, these health benefits are an important reason to keep sports in schools.
persuasive words
Persuasive Words
  • in my opinion
  • I believe
  • everyone knows
  • I strongly believe
  • advantages
  • some people say
  • I (strongly) think
  • research has shown
  • sources have shown
  • urgent
  • critical
  • furthermore
  • Personaly
  • clearly
  • truly
  • Sentence 1: Over the years school age children have enjoyed the opportunity to participate in school sports.
  • Sentence 2: In today’s world it is more important than ever to build character, keep busy, and get healthy.
  • Sentence 3: Schools should offer after-school sports for all students.
  • Sentence 1: Gives a big sentence about the topic.
  • Sentence 2: Says more about the idea.
  • Sentence 3: This is your Thesis
  • Sentence 1: I want to persuade my reader that schools should have sports programs.
  • Sentence 2: It is clear that sports build character, keep children busy, and get them in good physical shape.
  • Sentence 3: Schools should offer after-school sports for all students to lead a more full-filled life.


  • http://www.oregonlive.com/beaverton/index.ssf/2014/01/physical_education_requirement.html
  • http://articles.latimes.com/print/1995-06-07/local/me-10490_1_physical-education-math-and-science-early-school
5 13 14
  • Choose a topic from one of the SCOPE magazines.
  • Step 1: Read article and create a pro/con list.
  • Step 2: Choose your side. Pick 3!
  • Step 3: Write your thesis sentence and 3 Topic Sentences for each reason.
agenda 5 13 14
Agenda 5-13-14
  • Read AR book
  • Turn in Sports Planning packet and 1st draft in colors by tomorrow.
  • Start your own essay – Take a Stand. Give me 3!
    • Write a pro/con list
    • Write your Thesis sentence and 3 Topic Sentences.
    • Start research on your topic.