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Writing Folder

Writing Folder

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Writing Folder

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  1. Writing Folder • 7th grade Title Sheet • Terminology Notes • Response to Lit Divider Sheet • Response to Lit Notes • Concrete Details Notes • Rikki-Tikki / Diego • “To Sleep Under the Stars” • “Both Sides of the Fence” • Persuasive Divider Sheet • Persuasive Notes • 6th grade work

  2. Prompt: Should your school keep sports? (period E) • Thesis – Sports should be a part of school. • Reason 1 – Sports promotes healthy bodies by keeping students active. • Reason 2 – Sports encourage social skills. • Reason 3 – Participation in sports keeps students supervised.

  3. Opposition (period E) • TS - However, some people may argue that sports should not be part of school. • CD - They might say sports are too dangerous and cause unnecessary injuries. • CD In fact, Any injury is mainly due to an accident when athletes do the basic movements improperly or are not taught correctly. • Sports help develop muscles for more efficient coordinated use and lower the rate of injuries. • If students follow the coach’s instructions, then many injuries would be prevented. • CS – Schools should keep sports because a healthier body reduces injuries.

  4. Period E Shaping Sheet Reason 1 • TS: First, participation in school sports promote healthy students. • CD: According to The Datalys Center of Sports Injury and Research Prevention, students that play sports year-round perform better in fitness tests. (www. ) • CD: The Stress Management Society claims that playing in sports depletes stress hormones and releases mood enhancing chemicals. ( • CM: A student will gain stronger muscles and reduce risks of disease while creating less stress to better concentrate on school work and studies. • CS: School sports support and maintain a fit, physically strong body and mind.

  5. Shaping Sheet Reason 2 • TS: Next, sports encourage social skills such as teamwork, cooperation, leadership, responsibility, and sportsmanship. • CD: Investigators at Queens University determined in a new study that sports help children hone their social and participation skills. ( • CD: In addition to improving social skills, joining groups such as sports teams can teach kids how to work together to do their best and become caring individuals. ( • CM: Students that participate tend to have higher self esteem and less anxiety than students that do not participate in sports. • CS: School sports creates a better person. • Just as John Wooden, UCLA head basketball coach said, “sports do not build character they reveal it.” Period E

  6. Shaping Sheet Reason 3 • TS: Lastly, Participation in after-school sports keeps students supervised. • CD: For example, between 3:00- 6:00 p.m. students are most likely to commit crimes, be victims of crimes, be in an automobile accident, smoke, drink alcohol, and use drugs. ( • CD: In a study of juvenile criminology, Los Angeles, students who were involved in an after school program were 30% less likely to be involved in criminal activity than students not in programs. ( • CM: When students are involved in sports, adults make sure their time is well spent. • CS: Clearly, students need a structured time in the afternoon to stay active and out of trouble. Period E

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  8. Introduction • Sentence 1: Over the years students have enjoyed the opportunity to participate in school sports. • Sentence 2: In today’s world students need to stay healthy, improve as a person, and be supervised. • Sentence 3: Schools should offer after-school sports for all students. • Sentence 1: Gives a big sentence about the topic. • Sentence 2: Says more about the idea. • Sentence 3: This is your Thesis

  9. Conclusion • Sentence 1: I want to persuade my reader that schools should have after-school sports. • Sentence 2: Sports have many benefits that clearly prove the importance of exercise. • Sentence 3: Schools should offer after-school sports for all students to lead a more fulfilling life.

  10. Agenda 5-9-14 • Read AR book

  11. Agenda 5-12-14 • Read AR book • Write out our 6 paragraph essay in colors. Due tomorrow. Proofread and edit (be prepared to share what you changed).

  12. 5-13-14 • Please have out your first draft of our Sports essay and all of your planning papers. • You will create a packet with the following: • Pro/con list • Hot pink thesis/TS • Opposition, Reason 1,2,3 intro, conclusion t-charts, shaping sheets • First draft in colors.

  13. 5-13-14 • Choose a topic from one of the SCOPE magazines. • Step 1: Read article and create a pro/con list. • Step 2: Choose your side. Pick 3! • Step 3: Write your thesis sentence and 3 Topic Sentences for each reason.

  14. Agenda 5-13-14 • Read AR book • Turn in Sports Planning packet and 1st draft in colors by tomorrow. • Start your own essay – Take a Stand. Give me 3! • Write a pro/con list • Write your Thesis sentence and 3 Topic Sentences. • Start research on your topic.