transportation and aging
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Transportation and Aging

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Transportation and Aging - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Transportation and Aging. A Community Approach!. Why community engagement? . Knowledge – Aging is universal and all have information on transportation needs. Commitment – Transit success is often dictated by a community’s attitude.

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transportation and aging

Transportation and Aging

A Community Approach!

why community engagement
Why community engagement?
  • Knowledge – Aging is universal and all have information on transportation needs.
  • Commitment – Transit success is often dictated by a community’s attitude.
  • Sustainability – A solution for a single day can create frustration.
step 1 community engagement
Step 1: Community Engagement
  • Mayor and City Council – Recognize aging is changing the community.
  • Mayor and City Council – Approve formation of a ‘task group’ to identify what we know and do not know about transportation needs of the aging community.
step 2 task group formed
Step 2: Task Group Formed
  • Mayor appoints task group members.
  • Task group has an organizing meeting electing a task group leader and defining the mission of the group.
step 3 task group mission
Step 3: Task Group Mission
  • To learn what transit services for the aging exists in the community.
  • To learn what needs are not met in the aging community.
  • To develop a solution to meet any unmet aging needs.
step 4 task group activities
Step 4: Task Group Activities
  • Survey Aging Community
  • Survey Service Providers
  • Analyze results
  • See what others have done
  • Develop Proposal
step 5 task group proposal
Step 5: Task Group Proposal
  • Task Group refines the solution
  • Task Group defines days/times/routes of service proposal
  • Task Group defines cost of transit proposal
  • Task Group identifies available funding sources
  • Task Group prepares budget proposal
step 6 presentation approval
Step 6: Presentation/Approval
  • Task Group presents Budget to City
  • Task Group prepares grant applications as needed
  • Task Group identifies local support needed to meet any shortfalls
step 7 pre implementation
Step 7: Pre-implementation
  • Finalize route/days/hours of service
  • Gain approval of grant applications and when funding is available
  • Solicit local support as needed
  • Determine date of implementation
  • Determine marketing plan and materials
step 8 implementation
Step 8: Implementation
  • Marketing launched at least thirty days prior to service availability.
  • Key partners in the community are brought on board to promote service
  • Local business and resident stops are used to help promote service
  • (Great Option!) School Community Service
step 9 launch service
Step 9: Launch Service
  • Party Time – Have the Mayor and City Council lead the cheers!
  • Task Group Member(s) ride service to let residents know they have a neighbor to talk to about what is right and what is wrong.
step 10 on going community effort
Step 10: On-going Community Effort
  • Meetings are scheduled as needed to address –
    • Number of riders
    • Route issues
    • Budget issues
    • Expansion/changes needed
    • Presentations to Mayor/City Council
    • Other local issues
  • Community Engagement ensures
    • Knowledge of who, where and when to serve
    • Existing services that can help
    • Community commitment to success
    • Sustainability
    • Team effort
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