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Updating KSSL Pedon data

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Updating KSSL Pedon data - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Updating KSSL Pedon data. Formerly known as the SOI-8. Characterization Sampling. SOI-8 is used to update the soils information after characterization is completed

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updating kssl pedon data

Updating KSSL Pedon data

Formerly known as the


characterization sampling
Characterization Sampling
  • SOI-8 is used to update the soils information after characterization is completed

“The repository contains completed project information of the Soils Survey Laboratory. Information is provided as NRCS-SOI-8 forms and returned to NSSC-SSL, laboratory analyses are completed, suspect measurements are identified and rerun, and errors are found and corrected.”

characterization sampling1
Characterization Sampling
  • Times and Processes have changed!!
  • NASIS pedon is required BEFORE samples are processed
  • SSO staff responsible for entering complete pedon description into NASIS
  • The SOI-8 process is now handled in NASIS
sample processing
Sample Processing
  • Once samples are received, they are logged into the LIMS database
  • Samples must include a printed description
  • The LIMS requires the NASIS Pedon to verify the User Site ID and User Pedon ID
  • The KSSL staff create a copy of the Site and Pedon
site object
Site object
  • User Site ID follows national standard
  • StdLat and Std Long are populated – correctly
  • All Child tables are populated
  • Absolutely NO Personal Identity Information (PII) used in any notes!!!!
pedon object
Pedon Object
  • Make sure the pedon is completely populated based on what was described in the field
  • This will become the ‘archive’ copy
updating the description
It didn’t turn out like I thought??

After reviewing KSSL data for SDJR?

The SOI-8 Process

Updating the description
current soi 8 methodology
Current SOI-8 Methodology
  • For KSSL sampled soils
    • There is 1 site
    • With 2 pedons linked to the 1 site
  • The ‘official’ Site will be owned by KSSL
  • Field “archived” Pedon owned by KSSL
  • Modified Pedon owned by MLRA Office
current soi 8 process
Current SOI-8 Process
  • The KSSL Site description becomes the “Official” Site
  • The KSSL Site has a ‘Group’ for each MO
current soi 8 process1
Current SOI-8 Process
  • SSO staff choices:
    • Change the ownership of your “Site” to KSSL, or
    • After KSSL copies, remove the original site.
  • Preferred method is to “change ownership” of the original site to KSSL once samples are sent
  • Verify Site is FULLY populated
site observation table
Site Observation table

Many duplicates, pay attention to which site obs is used

  • Notice each Pedon is linked to its original Site
  • During the SDJR process, the KSSL information will be updated to create 1 Site:2 Pedons
linking sso pedon to kssl site
Linking SSO Pedon to KSSL Site
  • One Site linked to Two Pedons
  • KSSL Pedon is NEVER edited
  • MO Pedon is updated to reflect new correlated name and taxonomy, inclusion of lab results, updated horizon designation, etc.
linking sso pedon to kssl site1
Linking SSO Pedon to KSSL Site

The “Lab Sample #” column in the new NASIS 6.2 Pedon Horizon Sample table.

  • Populate the “Lab Certified Description” field to identify the pedon used for the publication description.
  • The KSSL Web site will use the MLRAxx_Office pedon as the official record for the lab data reports when the Lab Source ID, Lab Pedon #, and Pedon Horizon Sample table are populated in the MLRAxx_Office pedon.
designating publication pedon
Designating Publication Pedon
  • Identify the “Certified Lab Pedon“

An indicator of whether or not this pedon record is the one certified for distribution with analytical lab results from the Soil Survey Laboratory and other National Cooperative Soil Survey Laboratories.

  • Eliminates the duplication of data
  • Site information is fairly static – few changes after characterization
  • Provides for a archive copy that identifies how the pedon was described at the time the sample was taken
  • Provides for a current copy of the pedon based on the lab data or taxonomy changes
provides for one site and most current pedon that reports will key off of to provide to the public
Provides for one Site and most current Pedon that reports will key off of to provide to the public
sdjr requirements
SDJR requirements
  • SDJR requires a review of all NCSS lab data
  • Lab data will be used to support component properties
  • SDJR requires an update of sampled pedons
  • 1 site owned by KSSL
  • 1 archived KSSL pedon, 1 updated MO pedon
things to consider current sampling
Things to consider – current sampling
  • Make sure your site/pedon data is complete before sending samples
  • Assign site ownership to KSSL
  • Decimal Degrees is required for KSSL samples
  • Designate which Pedon is the official pedon to be published
  • Absolutely NO PII
things to consider historical samples
Things to consider – historical samples
  • Check both Site records and combine all data into one and assign ownership to KSSL (remove extra site)
  • Link old and new pedon to the KSSL site
  • Verify Decimal Degrees and is populated for the correct site location
  • Designate official Pedon be published
  • Absolutely NO PII