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Technical Updating PowerPoint Presentation
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Technical Updating

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Technical Updating
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Technical Updating

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  1. Technical Updating New electronic controls Scheda Pco OEM monocircuito

  2. New electronic control Microchiller New electronic device CAREL Pco OEM Monocircuit. Will be installed in: • TCAE/THAE 150/160:immediatly • TCAE/THAE 105/109 will replace 210b • TCCE/THCE 105/109 will replace 210b • TCAE THAE 114/138 will replace 210b Scheda Pco OEM monocircuito

  3. User interface –in the unit CAREL 3 YES INLET water TEMP MANUFACTURER N° BUTTONS BACK LIGHTING DISPLAY MICROTECH 2 NO INLET water TEMP Scheda Pco OEM monocircuito

  4. Key utilization programmation /alarms KEY: allows the access the programmation parameters or ,with red led ON, to display the alarm list and and to reset them mode up KEY: Allows to change from the summer to the winter mode (for heat pump), the scroll of the parameters and the increase of the displayed value. Scheda Pco OEM monocircuito

  5. Utilizzo tasti on/off down KEY: Allow the switch on and off of the unit ,the scroll down of the parameters and the decrement od the displayed value. up + down KEY: If you are inside of a group of masks allows to go back to the upper level group of masks .Allows also to confirm the new inputed values . Scheda Pco OEM monocircuito

  6. Electrical board Layout Installed in the chiller Scheda Pco OEM monocircuito

  7. Electrical board Layout Clock Board Serial interface Igital Inlets Probes NTC Press Transducers Digital outlets Scheda Pco OEM monocircuito

  8. Comparison OLD - NEW NEW OLD TIME ZONE MANAGEMENT BY CLOCK BOARD: YES Management of 4 daily time zone with the chance to change the set point or to manage the On/Off time of the unit NO

  9. Comparison OLD - NEW NEW OLD 2 PUMPS MANAGEMENT: YES • Activable by parameter under manufacturer menu . • Manage the pump rotation according to the working N° of hours one in stand by to the other. NO Scheda Pco OEM monocircuito

  10. Comparison OLD - NEW OLD NEW COMPATIBLE SUPERVISION SYSTEMS : • Carel • Modbus (Accessory KRS485) • Lonmark (Accessory KFTT10) • Only Modbus

  11. Comparison OLD - NEW NEW NEW ALARMS MANAGED BY THE ELECTRICAL BOARD : • Wrong phase sequence :activated from the phase monitor integrated in the electrical board • Hi and low Voltage supply:activated by a board that measures the width of the phases and verify eventual anomaly in the absorption of the phases . Scheda Pco OEM monocircuito

  12. Accessory: Remote keyboar KTR OLD NEW NEW’ :ALARM HISTORY FOR EACH ALARM IS MEMORIZED: • Compressors working hours • Condensation Temperature/pressure • Stato compressor/s and fans satus one istant before the alarm. • Alarm hour and date (with clock board) • Total N° of memorized alarms • Alarm code and description • Evap water inlet/outlet temperature


  14. Serial converter RS485/RS232

  15. Serial converter RS 485/USB

  16. Serial Interface FTT10 LonWorks (KFTT10) Scheda Pco OEM monocircuito

  17. Serial Interface RS485 Modbus (KRS485) Scheda Pco OEM monocircuito