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SABS Commercial

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SABS Commercial - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SABS Commercial. Aspiration. To Be: The most trusted independent supplier of conformity assessment services in South Africa Anticipating and Serving South Africa and its neighbors To be: A profitable and,

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SABS Commercial

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    1. SABS Commercial

    2. Aspiration • To Be: • The most trusted independent supplier of conformity assessment services in South Africa • Anticipating and Serving South Africa and its neighbors • To be: • A profitable and, • To contribute positively to delivering services that allow for the achievement of national economic goals • To be: • A nurturing environment that allows for the development of talent and knowledge to serve the objectives of the organisation.

    3. Our products Testing – some 90 test areas in various locations Sampling and assay services Certification Systems Products Inspection services Aligned with key economic areas in SA economy General Managers to act as single point of contact for stakeholders

    4. Mining and Minerals • Large operations in RBCT (pre export), Middleburg (ESKOM) and Secunda (SASOL) • Started running on-site test labs for mines • Currently employ some 400 people • Roughly R100M per annum in revenue

    5. Transportation • Testing in support of regulatory approval of models (homologation) • Emissions testing facility in Eastern Cape • ISO TC 16949 certification of second and third tier suppliers to the motor industry in support of AIDP • After fitment of components to motor vehicles (windscreens, tow bars etc) • Certification of number plates – plate manufacturers and embossers • Took over certification of Vehicle test stations in 2008

    6. Chemical • Fuels laboratory – Biodiesel and other fuels for compliance to national regulations • Plastic bags • Lab and certification services in support of this vital enabling industry

    7. Services Mostly management certification in this growing area. FET colleges, security companies, call centers Mostly small to medium companies Include: • ISO 9000 – Quality • ISO 27000 – IT security • ISO 20000 – IT service

    8. Electrotechnical High voltage test facility in NETFA vital link in ensuring good quality switchgear for transmission Testing and certification of electrical appliances Lighting – including testing for light power output and durability Appliances Electromagnetic compatibility Explosion prevention New project on Energy Management

    9. Food and Health industry Supporting SA food exports by testing produce for pesticide residues and other “substances of concern”. Testing of medical devices such as Condoms, syringes, sutures, gloves and others supporting public health. Supporting the Pharmaceutical industry by testing various drugs, preparations and pre-mixes.

    10. Mechanical and Materials Testing of most building and plumbing components. Includes two test rigs to test solar water heaters. Textile testing covering cloth and clothing Consignment inspection services working with tender departments in many government institutions to ensure quality (eg uniforms)

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