oil spill solution n.
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Oil Spill Solution PowerPoint Presentation
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Oil Spill Solution

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Oil Spill Solution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Oil Spill Solution
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  1. Oil Spill Solution 4th quarter STEM 6thGrade Earth and Space Science Day 1

  2. BELL RINGER bpoilspilldamages.us/ Get a notecard. Write down 3 things you know about oil spills.

  3. BP Oil Spill http://animoto.com/play/Pj3ZWUZEhn1DI8odNr6TEg

  4. Discuss How might oil affect an estuary?

  5. Discuss Have you ever cleaned up a spill of some sort? How did you clean it up? Do you think you can use the same methods to clean up an oil spill in an estuary?

  6. Engineering Challenge You are a part of a team of engineers who have the challenge of containing and cleaning up an oil spill. You will have many materials available to you, and will come up with a strategy to use these materials to remove as much oil as possible.

  7. Take 3 minutes to discuss with your group any questions you might need to ask before you begin this challenge.

  8. Materials Available to You ¼ of a small sponge 1 piece of paper towel 2 feet of twine 10 cotton swabs 6 large cotton balls 1 straw 1 small piece of “WOW” towel 2 coffee filters 1 plastic spoon

  9. Rate Your Success Rate the effectiveness of your containment and clean-up plan. Not Effective Very Effective 1 23 4 5

  10. TEAM “TAKE-AWAYS” Put your heads together and make a list of things your team members want to remember from today’s lessons. As you leave class give the list to your teacher.

  11. Oil Spill Solution Day 2

  12. Instructions At your station, pour the 300 mL of water into your aluminum pan. Slowly pour 10 mL of oil into the center of your pan. Be careful not to spill! Test the plan you sketched to clean up the oil spill.

  13. Group Presentations Include in your team presentation: Which materials did your team use? What was your containment and clean-up design? How effective was your plan?

  14. Clean Up Select one team member to pour the oil and water mixture into the designated container. Put the materials you did not use back into the plastic bag and seal it. Throw away the materials you did use into the nearest garbage can. Make sure there is no oil or water left at your stations.

  15. Oil Spill Solution Day 3

  16. Bell Ringer On an index card, answer this question: How can understanding science and working in teams help to solve technological problems such as oil spills?

  17. THE BIG QUESTION How are mathematical reasoning knowledge of earth science, and teamwork used to solve technological problems?

  18. Perimeter and Area • Each team of engineers needs to calculate the perimeter and area of the following: • The aluminum pan used to hold the model oil spill. • The area outlined on the map of the Mobile Bay.

  19. Discuss Think about the amount of materials you used to contain and clean-up your model oil spill. How much would you need to clean up the entire designated area on the map?

  20. Extension • Why might a team of engineers change their plan for cleaning up an oil spill clean-up once they arrive on the site? Do you think that engineers often change their plan while trying to solve a problem? • What trade-offs do engineers need to consider when solving problems in the real world? (Consider costs, environmental issues, health issues, disposal issues, etc.?

  21. Reflection Answer the questions on the “Student Evaluation Sheet” thoughtfully and in complete sentences.