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Guidelines for Choosing the Most Effective Wiper Blades for Your Car PowerPoint Presentation
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Guidelines for Choosing the Most Effective Wiper Blades for Your Car

Guidelines for Choosing the Most Effective Wiper Blades for Your Car

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Guidelines for Choosing the Most Effective Wiper Blades for Your Car

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  1. How to Choose the Most Effective Wiper Blades for Your Car

  2. If you live in any place where it rains or snows, then you know that having the best wiper blades equipped to your windshield can make the difference when it comes to visibility. Being caught in a storm with sub-par wipers is not only frustrating, it can also be unsafe. It can also be a safety hazard if your blades leave residue behind, causing a glare by the sun. Unfortunately, a car’s wiper blades can often be overlooked as a key maintenance consideration and only thought of when the rain or snow is already coming down. It’s good to keep in mind that most wipers are good for at least six months, sometimes a little longer if the blade is better quality. Like an oil change, keeping tabs on when you last changed your wipers could make a big difference in getting from point A to point B in poor weather.

  3. If the wipers aren’t clearing effectively, it’s time to start looking for your next pair. Once you’ve determined that it’s time for some new wiper blades, you’ll want to make sure you’ve checked all the boxes for picking the right set for you. Which may not seem like a big deal, but once you get to the aisle filled with wipers, you might become overwhelmed with all of the apparent choices. While there are several different varieties of wiper blades to choose, there are certain characteristics to consider when purchasing your next pair. We’ve broken down what to look for here so you can be confident that you’ll choose the best wiper blades for your car model and feel safe during every road trip, whether around the block or across the country.

  4. What to Consider When Choosing Windshield Wiper Blades 1. Get the right size wiper blades. First, read your car’s manual. This will tell you what size wiper blades will fit your car. Since there are numerous different sizes and generally cars can accommodate more than one, this is the first place to start before you head out so you don’t pick up a pair that won’t work. If you’re manual isn’t available, someone from an auto parts store can also help by knowing the year, make and model of your car. To get the right size wiper blades, you should also measure your current wiper blades by using a tape measure.

  5. 2. Pick the Right Wiper Blade Material Once you’re sure you’ve got the size of your blades, down, you’ll need to choose what material of wiper blade you want. The most common type of wiper blades are rubber blades within a metal frame. These are the simplest blades and they’re also the best priced option. If you live somewhere you don’t have to use your wipers often and you’re on a strict budget, these would be your best blades to choose. If you use your wipers a little more regularly, however, then you might want to spring for silicone wiper blades. They wipe water from the windshield more effectively than rubber wipers, so vision is clearer during heavy weather. While they are a bit more money, they do last longer and they’re quieter.

  6. 3. Consider Whether You Need Easy to Install Wiper Blades One final consideration is how easy it might be to replace the blades yourself. This might be more essential than you think, since by the time most people remember to change their blades, it’s because they aren’t doing their job in the middle of the rain. Depending on your vehicle year and model, it could be as simple as snapping off the old blade and snapping on the new one. Most wipers are easily exchanged without the use of tools using a hook mount, inserting the arm of the blade through the slot in the blade bridge and lining up the adapter with the hook, then pressing it into place to lock it.

  7. Drive Safe With the Right Wiper Blades At the end of the day, safety out on the road is the most important consideration and having a clear line of vision through the windshield is just as important as having good tires. Remembering to regularly check your windshield wipers is the first key step. After that, no matter which brand or type of windshield wiper blade you choose, you’ll find plenty in any price range that will fit several models of vehicles. Of course, auto part store employees are always there to help, and can be the best resource if you’re ever unsure of what is best for your own vehicle. Whichever option you choose, a clearer window is a safer window, and the most effective wiper blades for your needs will help you stay safe while driving in adverse weather.

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