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Heated Wiper Blades PowerPoint Presentation
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Heated Wiper Blades

Heated Wiper Blades

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Heated Wiper Blades

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  1. Heated Wiper Blades

  2. Synopsis • Reduce the Frustration of Streaky Windshields on Snowy Days • Enjoy Clearer Vision with Heated Windshield Wipers • Heated wiper blades are hot new item • Heated Wiper Blade - Quick to install and easy to use • A Guide to Finding the Best Wind shield Wiper for Your Car • How to Choose the Best Heated Wiper Blade for Your Car

  3. Reduce the Frustration of Streaky Windshields on Snowy Days • A perfect solution for a clear windshield is the heated wiper blades which allow drivers enjoy unobstructed view when driving. The good thing is that these heated blades require no particular form or shape to fit into any windshield. They also require no peculiar or unique control but are operated by your regular wiper controls. They operate by reading the external temperature once your vehicle is switched on after which they heat up as required.

  4. Enjoy Clearer Vision with Heated Windshield Wipers • Having Blades Changed • Lots of folks would rather change their wiper blades themselves at home even though it can be done at any garage or dealer’s shop. It is not wrong to decide to change them yourself since in fact it is one way of carrying out personal vehicle maintenance. You only need to ensure that the blades are properly connected. • How it Works • Heated windshield wipers are accompanied by small remotes that can be fixed into your key chain. Little wires on the wipers warm up the windshield wipers once you turn on the heat from the remote. The heated wiper melts any ice around it while the plastic blades clean off any extra ice. • The Solution • It is a fast, safe and convenient way of removing ice from your windshield as it takes less than a minute and doesn’t require you to step out of your car. They also help prevent scratches on your windshield as the wiper removes the melted ice, unlike having to scrape which is not only time consuming but can also leave scratches on your windshield.

  5. Heated wiper blades are hot new item • Windshield Wipers • A snowy day is all it takes to unmask worn-out wipers. Clear windshields are only realistic when you install new wiper blades both in front and back, if your vehicle comes with both. They are cheap and easy to install. You may not only need to replace worn out rubber blades, the connector that supplies pressure to the blades keeping it in line with the windshield may be worn-out too. • Windshield Washer Fluid • Get a windshield washer fluid designed for driving in subzero temperatures, opt for the antifreeze option regardless of its color. Using an ordinary washer fluid would be counterproductive because it will freeze up immediately it’s applied due to the low temperatures and this will impair your vision even more.

  6. Heated Wiper Blade - Quick to install and easy to use • How to install: To make your blades pliable and the windshield clear, simply connect the wires and connectors to the appropriate fuse. The fuse is powered when the ignition is turned on. As temperatures drops to sub zero, the heating element automatically kicks in as you're driving. • Features • Expendable silicone squeegee, • Low profile beam frame with Aerodynamic Spoiler Reduces Lift, • Heating element situated inside the squeegee, • Thermostat regulator that heats up to control freezing conditions • Activated Silicone-Coating Action, • Novel Beading Action, • Best Quality Silicone Rubber Compound, • All round Performance.

  7. A Guide to Finding the Best Wind shield Wiper for Your Car • You have to be very careful when buying one especially from an online shop. Ensure you order for the right size for your wind shield. • You may want to ask, what's the perfect wind shield wiper for my car during this winter? Well, there is no clear cut answer but getting the ideal wind shield wiper is sacrosanct. • Heated wind shield wipers are built to combat snow and ice which is prevalent during the winter season, thus making for a clearer view. Windshield wiper blades with a hard rubber surface with a body built of strong gauge steel are best recommended during the winter. • Improved upgrade or advancement have been made to the strong rubber material to the more reliable silicone by some manufacturers. This is due to the strong nature of the silicone over the rubber and also its easy cleaning advantage.

  8. How to Choose the Best Heated Wiper Blade for Your Car • Winterized wipers • Unlike traditional blades (whose designs enable them collect snow), this unique feature makes it possible for the heated winter blades to reduce accumulated snow. • Heated • Heated wiper blade can easily cut through snow and ice thanks to the heat generated by the blades. Connection of the heated wiper in various cars differs; it could either be via wiring to the car’s electric system, or a direct connection to a cigarette lighter. It all depends on your car’s design. • Material • Here are a few pointers to help you choose the right material for your wiper blade • When exposed to sunlight over time, the rubber edges start to breakdown, resulting in collision of the main frame with the windshield. This not only creates scratches, but dampens visibility. • Unlike the rubber counterparts, silicone wiper blades help to create a water resistant layer that sheds off the water or droplets effectively. • A good combination of both rubber and silicon creates a perfect match for your windscreen.

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