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Louisiana Government Ch. 4. Mr. E’s Class. Excu Branch. What is Mike Strain’s title ? What party is Willie Mount?. Oct. 13, ---- ~ Cindy K. Bell became first woman LA. State Trooper. F or Y our I nformation. Your poster map is due next Tomorrow, Oct. 14, By 8am, no exceptions.

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What is Mike Strain’s title?

  • What party is Willie Mount?

Oct. 13, ---- ~ Cindy K. Bell became first woman LA. State Trooper


For Your Information

Your poster map is due next

Tomorrow, Oct. 14,

By 8am, no exceptions

Agenda test and supply check is next Tuesday

Have your agenda, pencil colors, #2 pencil, black ink pen, and loose leaf paper!

executive branch
Executive Branch

Domain stat


274-8183 garret

people in the executive branch
People in the Executive Branch

Attorney General: Buddy Caldwell, Democrat

Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry:

Mike Strain, Republican

Commissioner of Insurance: James Donelon, Republican

people in the legislative branch
People in the Legislative Branch

Calcasieu Representatives

Michael E. Danahay, Democrat

A B Franklin, Democrat

Brett F. Geymann, Republican

John E. Guinn, Republican

Charles E. "Chuck" Kleckley, Republican

people in the legislative branch1
People in the Legislative Branch

Senators for Calcasieu Parish

Senator John R. Smith, Democrat

Senator Willie L. Mount, Democrat

Senator Dan "Blade" Morrish , Republican

people in the judicial branch
People in the Judicial Branch

Judicial Branch

Chief Justice – Hon. Pascal F. Calogero,

Clerk of Court – John Tarlton Oliver

Calcasieu Parish DA – John F. DeRosier

democrats and republicans
Democrats and Republicans

Democrats: Bigger government (believe the people need the protection of the government and laws and need government to work properly) Government guides the people

democrats and republicans1
Democrats and Republicans

General viewpoints(although they vary by candidate, obviously): Stricter gun controlPro-choice (on abortion; it is always a woman's right to choose)Strong anti-discrimination laws

Higher tax percentage for higher incomeMore government programs to aid societyDecrease military spendingNo death penalty

democrats and republicans2
Democrats and Republicans

Republican: Small government (legislations should be on a smaller level...your congress members and senators will probably try to get things on a state or local level rather than national level.) The People guide the government

democrats and republicans3
Democrats and Republicans

General viewpoints(although they vary by candidate, obviously):Opposes more gun legislation (citing constitutional rights)Pro-life (on abortion; that new life should only be taken if the mother's health/life are in danger or other more "justified" reasons)Anti-discrimination is something that should come though better education and individual conscienceLower taxes overall benefit the economyLess government programs, but more community programsStrong military is importantFor death penalty