reconstruction plans and impeachment n.
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Reconstruction Plans and Impeachment

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Reconstruction Plans and Impeachment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Reconstruction Plans and Impeachment. Today’s Goals. Understand and analyze Reconstruction Plans Lincoln’s Plan Johnson’s Plan Radical Republican’s Plan Johnson’s Impeachment. Lincoln’s Plans. Before the Civil War ended, Abraham Lincoln had a plan set to help rebuild the South.

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Presentation Transcript
today s goals
Today’s Goals
  • Understand and analyze Reconstruction Plans
    • Lincoln’s Plan
    • Johnson’s Plan
    • Radical Republican’s Plan
  • Johnson’s Impeachment
lincoln s plans
Lincoln’s Plans
  • Before the Civil War ended, Abraham Lincoln had a plan set to help rebuild the South.
lincoln s plan
Lincoln’s Plan
  • A general amnesty would be granted to all who would take an oath of loyalty to the United States and pledge to obey all federal laws pertaining to slavery.
  • Amnesty – official forgiveness
  • High Confederate officials and military leaders were to be temporarily excluded from the process
  • Allowed Confederate states to have representatives and be represented in Congress.
post lincoln
  • After Lincoln was assassinated, Andrew Johnson became the President of the United States.
  • When Johnson took over the Presidency, Congress was not in session. Many of his ideas couldn’t get passed without government approval.
  • In the meantime, black codes were passed by Southern states limiting African American’s freedoms.
think pair share
  • What are some Black Codes that were passed in Southern states?
johnson s plan
Johnson’s Plan
  • Pardons would be granted to those taking a loyalty oath
  • No pardons would be available to high Confederate officials and persons owning property valued in excess of $20,000
  • A state needed to abolish slaverybefore being readmitted
  • A state was required to cancel its secessionorder before being readmitted.
think pair share1
  • How did Johnson treat the South during Reconstruction?
radical republican s plan
Radical Republican’s Plan
  • Concern for the freedmen — some believed that the federal government had a role to play in the transition of freedmen from slavery to freedom
  • Political concerns — the Radicals wanted to keep the Republican Party in power in both the North and the South.
radical republican s plans
Radical Republican’s Plans
  • Passed laws promoting civil rights.
  • Civil Rights – rights granted to all citizens.
  • Passed the 14thAmendment, which granted equal citizenship to all people born in the United States.
  • The 14th Amendment did not give AA the right to vote.
johnson s impeachment
Johnson’s Impeachment
  • During Johnson’s presidency, he vetoed many bills that promoted equal rights amongst all citizens.
  • Impeach – to accuse and remove the president from office.
  • Congress passed a law which didn’t allow the president from firing government officials without Senate approval.
  • Later in the year, Johnson fired his secretary over disagreements about Reconstruction. Three days later, the House impeached Johnson.
think pair share2
  • Do you think the House was justified in impeaching President Johnson? Why or why not?
partner activity
Partner Activity
  • With your shoulder partner, come up with your own idea to restore the social, economic and political integrity of Southern society.