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Do now: What do you think caused Bee Colony Collapse Disorder? When finished discuss your answer with your partner. Goals. “IWBAT create a buzzfeed poster for one of the headlines ” “IWBAT explain how toxicants can affect the environment and o rganisms.”. Agenda.

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    1. Do now:What do you think caused Bee Colony Collapse Disorder?When finished discuss your answer with your partner

    2. Goals “IWBAT create a buzzfeed poster for one of the headlines” “IWBAT explain how toxicants can affect the environment and organisms.”

    3. Agenda • Finish watching “Vanishing of the Bees” (if you did not finish-let the sub know where to start) or if finished watch 30 minutes of “Queen of the Sun” • Create the Buzzfeed headline poster (individual) 20 min. • Environmental Connections with Student News 15 min • Chapter 14 reading + notes 20 minutes

    4. Vanishing of the Bees • If you did not finish the film complete the notes below

    5. Buzzfeed Poster (20 minutes) • Take out your Buzzfeed reading • Individually create a propaganda poster from one of the Buzzfeed headlines (each group member must have a different headline). • Poster must be on an 8 1/2” by 11” paper • Must be in color • Must have title • Must summarize the main points of the article • Staple the group posters together and turn in to your sub

    6. Environmental Connections to Current Events • Take out a sheet of paper and write your ESAT heading (name, period, date). • Title your paper “Environmental Connections 9/5/13 or 9/6/13” • Watch CNN student News, • Give 3 examples of environmental science connections using at least 1 key term. (Please collect) • This will be assessed for a grade. • Write in full sentences. • Must use at least one key term (use more if you can).

    7. Toxicity Cornell Notes • Create Cornell Notes with ESAT heading and title. • You will be reading parts of Chapter 14 on the textbook and answering the 15 questions given to you (on the next slide). • You will be responsible for the material read and will be tested accordingly. • Words in red font are key terms and you must create flashcards for. Answers Questions

    8. Directions: Write the following questions on the left-hand side of your Cornell notes. TOXICANTS MAY CONCENTRATE IN WATER (p.392) • Are toxicants evenly distributed in the environment? • Where do soil chemicals end up? • How do chemicals enter the food chain(organisms bodies)? • What kind of animals are good indicators of water pollution? AIRBORNE TOXICANTS CAN TRAVEL WIDELY (p.393) • What is pesticide drift? • How much pesticide is used in California’s Central Valley? • Where do California’s pesticides end up? • In California, who is at most risk of health effects from pesticides? SOME TOXICANTS PERSIST FOR A LONG TIME (p.394) • Why do synthetic chemicals stay in the environment for a long time? • What factors determine how fast a chemical breaks down (degrade)? TOXICANTS MAY ACCUMULATE AND MOVE UP THE FOOD CHAIN(p.395) • What happens to chemicals that can dissolve in oil or fats? • What is bioaccumulation? • How do toxins move up the food chain? • What is biomagnification? • What are some examples of organisms that were affected by the biomagnification of DDT?