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The tennis recruiting network PowerPoint Presentation
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The tennis recruiting network

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The tennis recruiting network - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The tennis recruiting network
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  1. USTA Tennis League Looking for the best Youth Tennis Program? Tennis Europe travels the world with Junior Tennis players like yourself to compete in tournaments, you can improve your match play with USTA League, and have fun in Europe and North America! Europe combines the best aspects of tennis camps, exchange programs and teen tours. As a serious minded tennis tournament circuit, the tennis recruiting network aim to improve match play by developing a sense of confidence and by improving the mental aspects of your tennis game. At the same time Tennis: Europe, however, is also about something more than just tennis. It's about believing in the power of a team. Beginning as a bunch of individuals in an individual sport, the teams commonly develop into close-knit families. As a participant on Tennis: Europe, you get to compete as part of a USA Junior Team at tournaments in foreign locations - expanding your athletic, academic, and social horizons. Furthermore, you learn life lessons through new experiences, and you get to pursue the dream of living like a touring pro. USTA League gives you a chance to take your tennis game and individual development to the next level. With TENNIS: EUROPE, you compete in international tennis tournaments, you become mentally and strategically tougher while you gain tennis match-playing

  2. experience one match at a time. Immerse yourself in other cultures, and improve your foreign language skills with our abroad junior tennis camps. As you tour with your team and compete against tennis juniors from various locations, you will make lasting friendships with tennis players from all over the world. USTA League's players are 14 to 18 years in Europe and 13 to 18 in North America. As teams fill, we monitor the ages of the players to make sure the team is developing appropriately for all participants. Assuming you have mastered the basics of the game and are ready to play matches, we offer teams at various ability levels. You can play these tournaments without the pressure a home environment can place on you. If you are not sure about your level, we will talk to your local tennis pro to determine which trip is right for you and if possible, we will see you play on court. In addition, we require two teachers’ and one tennis coach’s recommendation before final acceptance. TENNIS: EUROPE is a valuable credential to gain admission to the college of your choice. Among highly competitive colleges, admissions officers and coaches are looking for those experiences that go beyond the usual and distinguish one student from another. TENNIS: EUROPE’s value and reputation are recognized nationwide. Our network of over 5,300 alumni and college coaches throughout the country enhances the credibility of applicants.