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Burton College. Advising on Prior Achievement. Training & Development Awards. Training Groups A22, B22, C21, C23, E23. Coaching & Assessing Individuals C25, D32. Advising on Prior Achievement D36. Skills Assessor D32.

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Burton College

Advising on Prior Achievement

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Training & Development Awards

Training Groups A22, B22, C21, C23, E23

Coaching & Assessing Individuals C25, D32

Advising on Prior Achievement D36

Skills Assessor D32

Assessor- Differing Sources of Evidence D33

Vocational Assessor D32, D33

Internal Verifier D32, D33, D34

External Verifier D32, D33, D35

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Advising on Prior Achievement

  • The D36 award was designed for anyone who advised candidates working towards national qualifications, who would be able to provide evidence from prior achievements

  • The advisor would also support the candidates during the evidence collection stage and provide advice on the building of a portfolio

  • An advisor could be a skilled worker, a supervisor, a manager, a school teacher, an assessor or a college tutor

Comprises of three elements these are l.jpg

Unit D36: Advise and support candidates to identify prior achievements

Comprises of three elements, these are:

Help the candidate to identify relevant achievements


Agree and review an action plan for achieving qualifications


Help the candidate to prepare and present evidence for assessment


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What is advising and supporting candidates to identify prior achievement?

  • The role of the advisor is not judgmental but advisory, and therefore could apply to anyone who counsels individuals about qualifications

  • It does not cover the role of the assessor

  • The advisor is expected to be familiar with the requirements of relevant awards. In particular, the advisor must be familiar with the evidence requirements of the awards and must be able to help the candidate to locate sources of relevant evidence

  • The advisor must demonstrate a knowledge of the national system of assessment and certification and the qualifications the candidate is aiming for

Stages in the process of providing advise on prior achievement l.jpg
Stages in the process of providing achievement? advise on prior achievement

  • Meet the candidate

  • Explain the procedures and process involved in presenting evidence from prior experience

  • Encourage the candidate to describe the relevant experiences

  • Match this to the units/elements in the target qualification

  • Agree a plan of action to gather evidence

  • Provide on-going support

  • Help candidate to prepare a portfolio of evidence

  • Arrange assessment

During the apa process ensure that l.jpg
During the APA process ensure that: achievement?

  • Your meetings are positive and promote self confidence in the candidate

  • The reasons for and the methods of collecting and presenting evidence are clearly explained

  • You know how to adapt the advice and support to suit different candidate needs

  • All possible sources of evidence are explored

  • The target qualification is achievable

  • The agreed plan is achievable

During the apa process ensure that9 l.jpg
During the APA process ensure that: achievement?

  • The plan is reviewed with the candidate

  • Appropriate support is provided for the candidate to prepare a portfolio of evidence

  • All awarding body documentation and procedures are met

  • Arrangement for assessment are mutually agreed and maintain the candidates confidence

  • All candidates are given equal opportunities to succeed. For example confident/less confident employed/unemployed young/old, etc..

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Advising on Prior Achievement achievement?

The process of APA often results in key questions which the advisor, and indeed the assessor, must address. These are concerned with the following:

  • Validity of evidence presented

  • Authenticity of evidence presented

  • Sufficiency of evidence presented

  • Recency of evidence presented

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Burton College achievement?

Advising on Prior Achievement