behind the scenes with sugar and sodium n.
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Behind the Scenes with Sugar and Sodium PowerPoint Presentation
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Behind the Scenes with Sugar and Sodium

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Behind the Scenes with Sugar and Sodium - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Behind the Scenes with Sugar and Sodium. Sugar. How many teaspoons of sugar does the average teen consume daily? 34 teaspoons Women- 6 teaspoons Men- 9 teaspoons

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Presentation Transcript
  • How many teaspoons of sugar does the average teen consume daily?
  • 34 teaspoons
  • Women- 6 teaspoons
  • Men- 9 teaspoons
  • A man in his early 20s who walks more than three miles a day could consume about 288 calories, or about 18 teaspoons, of added sugar.
  • Hazards: weight gain, cavities, type 2 diabetes, boost your triglycerideswhich are fats in the blood that can clog arteries
  • The average American consumes 175 pounds of sugar per year. That is 300,000calories per year, 800 calories per day.
  • How much sodium should you consume daily?
  • 2,300 mg
  • 1 teaspoon of salt = 2,300mg of sodium
  • Excessive consumption of sodium is a known risk factor for developing heart disease and stroke. Salt intake triggers an increase in blood pressure which increases risk for heart disease and stroke.
  • What are some of your favorite cereals?
fast food
Fast Food

What are some of your favorite fast food restaurants?

what you should order vs what you do order
What you should order vs. what you do order
  • KFC
  • Crispy chicken strips with mashed potatoes and gravy vs. popcorn chicken and potato wedges (380 vs. 550)
  • Original recipe skinless breast vs. extra crispy chicken breast (280 vs. 810)
  • KFC buffalo snacker vs. KFC fish snacker (260 vs. 330)
  • How many stairs do you think you would have to walk in order to burn off two pieces of extra crispy chicken?
  • 1,576 (# of stairs to the top of the empire state building)
burger king
Burger King
  • Whopper Jr. with onion rings vs. cheeseburger and fries (430 vs. 560)
  • Chicken tenders vs. tendergrill chicken sandwich (210 vs. 510)
  • Ham omelet sandwich vs. French toast sticks with syrup (290 vs. 680)
  • How many hours would you have to sit in detention in order to burn off a large fry?
        • Seven hours
  • Chicken nuggets with apple dippers & caramel dip vs. 3 piece chicken selects (355 vs. 400)
  • Grilled honey mustard stack wrap vs. cheeseburger (260 vs. 300)
  • Egg McMuffin vs. hotcakes (300 vs. 570)
  • What do you think has more trans fat than anything else on the menu?
  • Baked Apple Pies
wendy s
  • Single burger vs. chicken club sandwich (430 vs. 540)
  • Small chili with broccoli and cheese baked potato vs. southwest taco salad with reduced fat sour cream (540 vs. 670)
  • Jr. cheeseburger vs. home-style chicken wrap (270 vs. 320)
  • Skinless spicy chicken thigh, leg and wing vs. one spicy chicken breast (290 vs. 360)
  • 2 mild chicken strips vs. mild thigh and leg (250 vs. 390)
  • Side of crawfish vs. chicken and sausage jambalaya (180 vs. 220)
  • What percent of your RDI of fat is found in just six chicken wings from Popeyes?
  • 74 percent
taco bell
Taco Bell
  • Chicken fiesta taco salad without shell vs. zesty chicken BORDER BOWL (470 vs. 640)
  • Two spicy chicken soft tacos vs. grilled stuffed chicken burrito (340 vs. 640)
  • Cinnamon twists vs. caramel apple empanadas (170 vs. 290)
  • How many calories will you cut out of your diet if you don’t eat the taco bowl with your taco salad?
  • 370
fun facts
Fun Facts
  • How many jumping jacks would you have to do to burn off the calories in a Love It Size of oatmeal cookie batter ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery?
  • How many miles would you have to walk in order to burn off two slices of spicy Italian pan curst pizza and a small coke from Papa John’s?
  • How many years are estimated that your life span can increase if you eat a salad daily?
fun facts cont
Fun Facts Cont.
  • How much of your daily allowance of sodium is found in a single TSB of soy sauce?
  • How many stairs would you have to climb in order to burn off the calories in half of a Bloomin’ Onion appetizer from Outback Steakhouse?
  • How many miles would you have to cross-country ski to burn the 1,570 calories in a papa John’s Hawaiian BBQ Chicken pizza with a 20 oz coke?
  • How many miles would you have to bicycle to burn off the calories in a large chicken carbonara from Quiznos?
  • How many minutes would you have to spend raking the lawn to burn of the 1,060 calories in an admiral’s feast of fried shrimp, scallops, clam strips, and flounder from Red Lobster?
  • How many milligrams of sodium are found in any deluxe sandwich from Schlotzsky’s?