life of the prophet part 5 3 rd to 6 th yr hijri n.
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Life of The Prophet Part 5 3 rd to 6 th YR Hijri PowerPoint Presentation
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Life of The Prophet Part 5 3 rd to 6 th YR Hijri

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Life of The Prophet Part 5 3 rd to 6 th YR Hijri - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Life of The Prophet Part 5 3 rd to 6 th YR Hijri

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  1. Life of The ProphetPart 53rd to 6th YR Hijri Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) 55-58 Years Old Presented By: Hasan Kassim & Ali Yasein Created By: Sarah Kassim

  2. A Few Months After Badr Tension began to surface between the Jewish tribes in Medina and the Muslims. They probably saw their power eroding, since the power of Islam was rising. Some Jewish memebers began writing insulting poems about the Muslims. A special matter brought that matter to a boiling point. At last the Prophet (pbuh) put a stop to the mess, which was to get rid of the trouble brought by the Jewish tribe named Benu Qainuqaa’. A new agreement was reached, in which this Jewish tribe was to leave Medina. They all left and went up north to Syria

  3. Alarming News Came From Mecca The news was that the disbelievers of Mecca were busy making treaties not only with the tribes surrounding Mecca, but with the Jews near Medina as well. A year passed after Badr, the disbelievers were fully prepared for a confrontation to come. A army of 3,000 fighter, well trained, well armed with shields and weapons stood excitedly ready for the battle of revenge.

  4. 1 YR After Badr A message was sent in secret to the Prophet by Al-Abbas (the Uncle of the Prophet, though not a Muslim): “That so many soldiers, so many army men, so much preparation have taken place All heading towards you.”

  5. The Battle of Uhod The Prophet (pbuh) instructs 50 Muslims archers to guard a strategic pass at the MT of Uhod. Confrontation breaks out, Ali finishes off 8/12 of the bearers…hurting Quraish’s psychology. Muslims enter the disbelievers camp and collect the spoils of the war…enemies frightened and run away.

  6. A Surprise Attack from the Disbelievers Seeing that the Muslims were doing well, the archers that were ordered by the Prophet (pbuh) to remain guarding their territory decided to leave and join the rest of the Muslims. Under the leadership of Khalid ibn Waleed, attacks arose from the disbelievers… A rumor spreads that the Prophet (pbuh) was killed, The Prophet (pbuh) was still alive, but was wounded on the cheek, leaving the Prophet’s life in danger…Ali defends. Being in these conditions, the Prophet (pbuh) orders the Muslims to go on a strategic elevation and counterattack. The Battle come to an end and neither side wins nor loses.

  7. Muslims were hurt by Enemies Actions During the Battle, Hamza was stabbed and killed by Wahshi (who was paid by Hind, wife of Abu Sufyan and mother of Mu’awiya) The Muslim martyrs were mutlilated Hamza’s stomach was opened and his liver was chewed by Hind.

  8. The Prophet Becomes a Grandfather It was a happy occasion. Fatima Al-Zahraa (as) the Prophet’s beloved daughter was due to have her 1st baby. It was a happy and joyful occasion when Al-Hassan was born, the Prophet (pbuh) showered him with love and affection, just as much as he did with this own children. This was a timely occasion, because the Muslims and the Prophet (pbuh) in particular took the effects of Uhod extremely heavily.

  9. 4th Hijri YearThe Treachery A group of men from a nearby tribe asked the Prophet (pbuh) to send some learned Muslims to teach Islam to their tribes. The Prophet (pbuh) was delighted and therefore sent 6 Muslim missionaries to teach Islam. Upon arriving to their destination, the men were attacked by 200 tribesmen. 3 were killed and 3 were taken prisoners 1 escaped and was horribly stoned and died from shock Remaining 2 were taken to Mecca and killed in front of a crowd

  10. The Deceit of Najd Man from Benu Aamir came to Medina to request the Prophet (pbuh) to send some learned men to teach the tribe in Najd The Prophet hesitated to agree, but after assuring and promising the Prophet to protect the lives of the teachers…the Prophet agreed 40 Teachers were sent After traveling many miles…the teachers were attacked by 2 pagan tribes… (A PREMEDIATED PLOT) 39/40 were killed, only 1 was able to escape.

  11. An Attempt to Kill the Prophet (pbuh) The Prophet (pbuh) visits a Jewish tribe in Medina, called Benu Nadheer to negotiate with them about the Treaty of Mutual Defense. The Jews were suspiciously whispering, then requested Muslims to wait at a certain location, a high wall The Prophet’s distrust proved them right Moments afterwards, a very large rock was pushed from the top of the wall Led to an uproar in Medina The Prophet demanded Benu Nadheer to leave within 10 days Benu Nadheer left and joined another Jewish commuinty in Khaybar

  12. Back to the House of The Prophet By now, Al-Hassan is 1 yr old, playing walking and the happiness for the family Fatima Al-Zahraa gave birth to her 2nd baby…named Al-Hussain by the Prophet (pbuh) As Al-Hussain was a few weeks old, the Prophet held him dearly and cried When he was asked why, replied; “Jubra’eel had just informed me that this baby will be killed in the land of Karbala, where the sand looks red, a far away place.” 57 Years later, the Tragedy of Karbala occurred.

  13. 5th Hijri Year Many months since the leave of Benu Nadheer Muslims were enlarging by number The Muslims had suffered the big blow after Uhod, but they had Badr to feel good about 2 Jewish tribes were forced out of Medina During this time there were 3 attempts to kill the Muslims The Prophet was 58 Years old

  14. Enemies Unite All in secrecy the Jews (Benu Nadheer and others), Pagans of Quraish all united. They gathered the biggest army in Arabia, 10,000 strong. They were all well-trained, well equiped, with 1500 heavily laden camels and 300 horsemen in full armour

  15. The News was Devastating The huge army, of every enemy element, was speedily marching towards Medina. It was within in 6 Days to reach and destroy everything. When the Muslims heard about the huge army they became terrified.