life of the prophet part 2 second five years n.
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Life of the Prophet Part 2 Second Five Years PowerPoint Presentation
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Life of the Prophet Part 2 Second Five Years

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Life of the Prophet Part 2 Second Five Years - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Life of the Prophet Part 2 Second Five Years. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) 45-50 Years Old November 28, 2010. Some Examples of Torment Against the Muslims…. THE STORY OF BILAL Bilal  Slave from Abyssinia

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Life of the Prophet Part 2 Second Five Years

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    1. Life of the ProphetPart 2Second Five Years Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) 45-50 Years Old November 28, 2010

    2. Some Examples of Torment Against the Muslims… THE STORY OF BILAL • Bilal Slave from Abyssinia • Shortly after his Master learns that he converted to Islam, means of force and torture were used to revert him back to Paganism. • Due to Bilal’s firm belief, He suffered severe pain, such that: • Usage of Foul Language, Beating, Mocking were done to insult his beliefs.

    3. On a Hot Summer Day in Mecca… • Bilal’s Master decided to punish Bilal by DRAGGING him on a hill, THROWING him on his back, and BEATING him severely… • Stones were then carried & laid on his chest • With this, Bilal, powerless, feeling bone dry and faint, moved his lips and said “AHAD, AHAD, AHAD” (Allah is One, Allah is One, Allah is One) • At last, Abu Bakr saw to it that Bilal was bought and set free.


    5. Sumieya First Martyr of Islam • Tortured by Abu Jahal, because she refused to speak profoundly about the Prophet. • Hit so much that she bled & bled from her wounds…until she died. • This was a representation of strong admiration and courage in believing & loving her faith of Islam.

    6. Yasir Second Martyr in Islam(A Slave & Sumeiya’s Husband) • Due to his Stubbornness in his beliefs he was also hurt and tortured. • His Master punished him by tying each leg to separate animals which ran in two different directions causing Yasir’s body to split in half. • Their son Ammar remained and was a close companion of The Prophet.

    7. Some Signs of The Prophet’s Patience&True Belief in The Creator

    8. EXAMPLE #1UMM JAMIL Wife of Abu Lahab • Used to hurt The Prophet by her evil acts and behavior of throwing sewer matter, thorn, dirt & rocks infront of The Prophet’s house. • The Prophet never complained and cleared the mess.

    9. EXAMPLE #2 ABU JAHAL • Tried to scare The Prophet by struggling Him while worshipping at the Kaa’ba. • Abu Bakr saw this & came to the rescue…while in disgust he exclaimed: “Could you kill a man just for saying Allah is my Lord.” • The Prophet again did not Protest!

    10. EXAMPLE #3 Kneeling during Prayer… • Someone put his whole foot on The Prophet’s head…and kept it there until he felt his neck was about to break!

    11. EXAMPLE #4 MANURE… • Some of the disbelievers also threw Manure on The Prophet…Just for the sake of hurting Him. • Again The Prophet did not Protest.

    12. Hamza Converts to Islam • Uncle of The Prophet, who is highly a respected man, a hunter, a man of power and influence. • Took action against Abu Jahal when he learned of what he was saying against The Prophet. • Fought with Abu Jahal wounding his head until blood poured. • Afterwards, he went to The Prophet and became on of the best defenders of Islam.

    13. Quraish Feeling Weak…By now Islam was Growing in Number A NEW APPROACH WAS TAKEN: • Quraish sends Ut’ba Ibn Rabi’a to offer The Prophet of the highest wealth on the condition to STOP the efforts of Islam. • The Prophet replies by reading Chapter 45 of the Quran which made him feel foolish and argue no more.

    14. The Muslims Immigration To Abyssinia…

    15. NEGUS King of Abyssinia who was Christian. Under the Leadership of Jafar Ibn Abu Talib, The Muslims Immigrated to Abyssinia following the advise of The Prophet (PBUH) to Practice their faith Freely. • First Immigration consisted of 11 MEN 4 WOMEN. • Second Immigration consisted of 80 MEN not counting Women and Children.

    16. Quraish Did Not Want Reputation to Tarnish so… • Emissaries were sent to Abyssinia under Amr Ibnil Aas to see the King Negus and presenting to him costly gifts in return of forcing The Muslims back to Mecca. • Being Fair and Wise…The King wanted to hear from both sides, therefore, he called Jafar for a clear picture of the positive effects on the Meccans and the acceptance of the teachings of Islam.

    17. Jafar’s Reply:

    18. OMAR’S BITTERNESS TO ISLAM • A bitter opponent of Islam, whose pride was hurt when he learned that a handful of Muslims had left Mecca to Abyssinia to enjoy their religious freedom. • Decided to kill The Prophet, whom he thought was the cause of this. • On his way, met Na’eem Ibn Abdullah, who told Omar, • “Why don’t you look at your own family first and put them right.”

    19. OMAR REVERTS TO ISLAM • After hearing the beautiful recitation of The Quran by his sister, Omar decides to Immediately meet with The Prophet to be accepted into Islam. Surah 57 Ayah 1-7

    20. DELEGATION OF 20 CHRISTIANS • The delegation asked The Prophet about Islam and discussed many matters…finally after feeling convinced they decided to convert to Islam. • Many Christians were now converting to Islam… • While Quraish Could NOT Tolerate ANYMORE!

    21. THREE LONG YEARS OF BOYCOTT QURAISH FINDS WAY TO STOP THE SPREAD OF ISLAM Quraish Took The Following Decisions: Muhammad and the whole Hashim Clan were to be boycotted and kept away from any contact with other people, social life or otherwise…

    22. The Start of the Siege • During the siege No Human communication was allowed with the Meccans or outside world. • Put in a Hostile valley • Food, shelter, possessions, human feelings, or human contact all suffered. • The Prophet was 47 years old • Khadija was 62 years old