Master of mazes
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Master of mazes.

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Master of mazes

Master of mazes

This story has got plenty of dints and dents and its all your decision and all about your creative imagination. your name is Bailey , and you are going on a jog to your friends and her name is Pria . You are now in a subway and a powerful force is holding you inside and you cant get out!

Then suddenly in the corner of your eye you see a door open and a secret passage way appears and you have never seen it before.

Do you :

A) Do you go down the passage way Slide 2

B) Close the door and run away Slide 3

Going down the passage way
Going down the passage way!

All you can smell is damp sweat and gin , you can hear owls hooting and tooting , you can taste fear every step you take,

Your heart is now beating so fast that it is sliding into your throat . You can now see a tower in the distance so you run over to the tower knock on the door and then walked in and saw a lamp and that started talking his name Is Lumiere .and he started talking about the fun room.

a) You go to the fun room page 4

b) Ask more about what in the tower page 5

Your secret escape
Your secret escape!

  • So you quickly close the door and run to your friends and tell your friend what happened and that’s why your late. And she asks if she can come to the subway to see if the doorway will open again. Do you:

A) Say yes! Page 6

B) Say no ! Page 7

In the fun room
In the fun room

  • In the fun room there is all kinds of things to do like a spa , quiet book time and there all sort that adults like. And you start to get hungry . So do you :

a) Go home to have tea

More about the castle
More about the castle

  • So your still in the tower talking to Lumiere he tells you about a ghost called Casper , he can get you back at home in no time

a) You go and meet Casper

Go back to the subway with your friends
Go back to the subway with your friends

  • So you go back to the subway and the passage way opens so you run down it and the next minute you and your friend go down it the a path lead you to a massive maze you go up and down , and all around you look at your phone and it is six o'clock and you and your friend don’t give up so you carry on and suddenly you are out.

a) The ending

You meet casper
You meet casper

  • Casper finally tells you how to get out so you follow a map and finally you are out

a) The end

The end
The end

  • Thank you for reading