mazes in real life l.
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Mazes in real life…. PowerPoint Presentation
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Mazes in real life….

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Mazes in real life…. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mazes in real life…. ALA Midwinter 2007, Washington Convention Center, Seattle LA Freeways Metropolitan Museum of Art New York Subway System Wisconsin Bike Trails Queen Mary 2 Deck Plans Heathrow Airport Central Park Real life mazes? Mazes and children

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Mazes in real life….

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mazes and children
Mazes and children
  • Mazes help children learn decision-making and critical thinking skills. They have to think ahead and plan steps to be taken later. They understand that there are alternative ways to solve problems.
  • Mazes help children learn to judge spatial relationships. Real world applications for air traffic controllers and similar occupations.
  • Working with mazes is particularly suited to boys and reluctant readers.
  • Games involve mazes. Computer games like Donkey Kongand Pac Man (retro games that are coming back in style) and chess are mazes.
  • Also helpful in practicing “revision.” They have to backtrack and try another path.
  • For the youngest children, mazes help develop fine motor skills. Research has shown that maneuvering through mazes helps improve children’s handwriting.
  • Research and discuss historical and contemporary mazes, throughout history and throughout the world.
  • You can help children, and adults, make a Geometric Maze or a Random Roxie Reversing maze. I have the instructions up on my website today.

(go to

  • Create a maze sketch, let children draw it with chalk on the parking lot or sidewalk, and then have them walk through it.
  • Ask your patrons to think about and make a list of where maze-like environments exist in their own every day life.
  • Print out the 3-goal and the four alphabet mazes from my website and have patrons solve the mazes, do the finding/counting game, and color them in.
good websites for more information
Good websites for more information
  • (British website, lots of history, photo library)
  • (maze resources; how to make a maze, downloadable mazes)
  • favorite; history, particularly unicursal, and how to make a maze)
  • (mainly history and terminology)
  • (history, how to make amaze, modern applications)
  • (UK maze designers, definitions, types of mazes)

Thanks!Check out www.roxiemunro.comTo revisit parts of this WEBinar, and follow the step-by-step instructions for making the Geometric and Random Roxie mazes, go to