a look at civil engineering n.
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A Look at Civil Engineering PowerPoint Presentation
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A Look at Civil Engineering

A Look at Civil Engineering

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A Look at Civil Engineering

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  1. A Look at Civil Engineering By: MK Pegram

  2. David Pegram- Civil Engineer • Graduated from UNC-Charlotte with a Civil Engineering degree in December 2010 • Employed for North Carolina DOT Rail Division as a Construction Consultant

  3. Interview • What got you interested in Civil Engineering? “Have always enjoyed building things at a young age. Put together Legos often. Helped my father build houses and that transferred into my schooling. I like playing in the dirt so that’s why I choose Civil Engineering.” • Explain a typical day. “I spend about 70% of my time out in the field. Solving problems, looking at plans, talking to inspectors, and making sure what is printed on paper is applied out in the field.”

  4. Interview Continued • How many projects have you worked on since you have graduated? What do they consist of? “I have worked on over 10 projects. Right now I am overseeing construction on 5 railroad projects. That is making improvements such as putting a track beside an existing track and putting bridges over roads and such as that. Other projects I have worked on range from traffic analysis to designing railroads. Most of my stuff has been centered around the transportation field.” • What are some goals you would like to accomplish in your career? “It is important for Civil Engineers to go after their PE license. Once you get the PE you are able to sign and seal a set of plans. PE means Professional Engineering License. Short terms goals is to build as much experience as I can.”

  5. Construction of a bridge

  6. Starting of a railway project

  7. Laying of the railway beams

  8. Setting the beams in place

  9. Aligning of the beams

  10. Welding together tracks

  11. Final product of a railway

  12. Digging beside a railway for underground pipes

  13. Underground pipe being installed

  14. Smoothing off the land around the tracks

  15. Audio Interview • This interview was recorded over Skype.

  16. Map Of Railway Projects