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Things to do in Sao Paulo PowerPoint Presentation
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Things to do in Sao Paulo

Things to do in Sao Paulo

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Things to do in Sao Paulo

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  1. Things to do in Sao Paulo Sao Paulo is the biggest and fabulous city in the Brazil country. It is the world's seventh largest city by population. It has many top attractions which are famous in the entire world. Some famous attractions are:

  2. The Julio Prestes Cultural Center - Sala Sao Paulo • The Julio Prestes Cultural Center - Sala Sao Paulo is centered at the magnificent developing of the railway Sorocabana, home of the Symphony Orchestra of the State of Sao Paulo and one of the most essential homes of activities and activities in the nation. • Opening times: Monday to Friday: 10am to 18pm and Saturday: 10am to 04:30pm. Sunday and holiday: 2 hours before the concert. Image source

  3. Weathervane Cultural Science Museum • It is situated in a Victorian-era framework similar to Foster's Home for Unreal Friends, Catavento Social is chock-full of entertaining, hands-on displays and academic actions for kids. Topics protected consist of space, wild animals, location, the body system and community. They are provided in action-filled, interesting fashion for the little ones. Image source

  4. Municipal Theatre of Sao Paulo • The Municipal Cinema of Sao Paulo was created cradling the goals of a increasing town with market and coffee in the early last millennium. In 1898 the town had missing to a flame the Cinema Sao Jose, level of its significant creative symptoms so it became crucial to build a space coordinate the significant international specialist perfmoamces.

  5. Visual Arts Museum Of The State Of Sao Paulo • This museum is said to be heart of Sao Paulo city. Many visitor come every year in this city and take enjoy attractively of this museum.

  6. Ibirapuera Park • The pea green heart of a frequently greyish city, Sao Paulo's Parque do Ibirapuera offers getting rid of the city insanity among cool, sketchy plants and mentally-stimulating components. Running paths, bike routes, and yoga exercises and capoeira classes let residents and visitors as well keep fit, while a clutch i465 black of exhibits and museums and exhibits.

  7. Sao Bento Monastery • The Sao Bento Monastery was recognized in Sao Paulo in 1598, when there were only Jesuits and Carmelites, in the very same position where it continues to be these days.

  8. Botanical Garden Of Sao Paulo • Peaceful, green and energizing, the town's organic lawn, located inside the tremendous Parque do Estado on the south side of town, provides a magnificently hired haven for thousands of exotic plant and animal varieties.

  9. Pinacoteca Station • The Pinacoteca Station is an area of art events in the town of Sao Paulo, managed by the Condition Govt of Sao Paulo. It is in the town middle, in the Luz community next to the Sala Sao Paulo and Julio Prestes Position. Image source

  10. Villa Lobos Park • As one of the more recent amazing park in Sao Paulo, Parque Villa-Lobos still has a while before it becomes an older, sketchy gem like Parque do Ibirapuera. Still, with adequate natural area and the vibrant Apartment Ambiental academic perform area for children, there's a lot for everyone in close relatives members have fun with. Find Sao Paulo Flights on