step 2 learn marketing plan http www free2ndpack com n.
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STEP 2) Learn Marketing Plan ( free2ndpack) PowerPoint Presentation
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STEP 2) Learn Marketing Plan ( free2ndpack)

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STEP 2) Learn Marketing Plan ( free2ndpack) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Quickstart Checklist: Club Operators - Part 1. Earn As You Learn. At Sign Up: 1 Hour. STEP 1) Define Your “Whys”. STEP 9) Thursday Team Call!. Understanding Your “Whys” Prioritizing the “Why”, “How”, and “What”.

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step 2 learn marketing plan http www free2ndpack com

Quickstart Checklist: Club Operators - Part 1

Earn As You Learn

At Sign Up: 1 Hour

  • STEP 1) Define Your “Whys”
  • STEP 9) Thursday Team Call!
  • Understanding Your “Whys”
  • Prioritizing the “Why”, “How”, and “What”

11:00am PST, 12:00pm MST, 1:00pm CST, 2:00pm ESTDial In: 218-844-8230 Pin: 356959# (*6 Mutes you)

  • STEP 10) Personal Development!

Listen to the audio, and complete the worksheets while you watch the video. Then set your business goals with your mentor.

Select and Read Personal Development Book:

Unlimited Power – Anthony Robins (example)

Awaken The Giant Within – Anthony Robins

STEP 2) Learn Marketing Plan (

  • STEP 3) Get Signed Up With Mobile Merchant Account*
  • STEP 11) Complete 2-4-1 Quickstart Worksheets

Day 2: 2 Hours

  • Steps To Success Worksheet
  • DMO Goal Setting Worksheet
  • Event Scheduling Worksheet
  • Promotions Worksheet
  • List Building Worksheet
  • Organization Building Worksheet
  • Club Position Worksheet

Used to collect product order funds. Recommend you have a separate checking account for this.

  • STEP 4) Wellness Evaluation Training
  • Learn about Counter Presentation
  • Learn about Order Tickets
  • Learn about the Counter Presentation To Wellness Evaluation Script and Retail Log

Day 1: 2 Hours

  • STEP 12) View Quickstart “2-4-1 Steps To Success” Presentation

This 2-4-1 presentation trains you on the core growth strategy for your Herbalife business

  • STEP 5) Get Your Wellness Evaluation
  • STEP 13) Determine Your Club Position: (Premier Operator Member, Associate Operator Member)
  • Have your mentor conduct Wellness Evaluation on you
  • Learn how to take a Retail Order

Work with your Mentor in determining what Club position you wish to start at. Also determine sweat equity or membership contribution for usage of club.

  • STEP 6) Be A Product Of The Product – Get A Result

Day 3: 1 Hour

Order your Healthy Meal and any other products you wish to order here! Use your Herbalife ID and pin to login.

  • STEP 14) Begin Inviting FREE Invites

Within 1st Week

  • STEP 7) Boot Camp Sign Up

With your mentor, begin FREE Invite training.

  • STEP 15) Attend Tue, Thur, and Saturday HOM & Operator Training

Sign up for available Fitclub Boot Camps, Mountain Bike, Run and/or Walk Clubs

Day 2

  • STEP 8) FSS Monday Night Call!

This training is vital training designed to accelerate your business.

6:30pm PST, 7:30pm MST, 8:30pm CST, 9:30pm ESTDial In: 712-338-8114 Pin: 106585#

(*6 Mutes you)

*For more tools and information see:

step 5 get food handler license

Quickstart Checklist: Club Operators -Part 2

Earn As You Learn

  • STEP 1) Recruiting System Training and Implementation

Premier Operator Members

Within 1st Week Of Becoming Premier

  • STEP 1) Get Your Business and Invite Cards

Designed to build your organization:

Day 4: 1.5 Hour

  • Inviting to HOM
  • Craigslist Ads
  • Pull Tabs

At the supervisor level you will want to use your own business cards! (Recommended for Supervisors only.)

  • STEP 3) Build Your Retail & Recruiting Log Tracking Binder

STEP 5) Get Food Handler License

  • FREE Healthy Meal Cards
  • Business/Appointment Setting Cards
  • Beach Boot Camp Cards (Optional)
  • Coaches Wanted Cards (Optional)

This binder should include the following:

  • Counter to Wellness Evaluation Script
  • Practice Wellness Profile Script
  • Retail Tracking Logs
  • Recruiting Scripts and Tracking Logs
  • STEP 2) Set Up Your FSS ebc Account

FSS ebc CRM provides an array of services including key websites that will be placed on your cards above! (i.e.

  • STEP 4) Track Your Activity With Online Gauges ( Documents)

Within 3rd Week

  • STEP 3) Accelerated DMO’s

Track your Daily Method of Operation’s daily activity on line at Google Documents. Get login and password from your mentor.

Develop 3 Methods for building your business. Listed below are 3 accelerated Daily Methods of Operation

Required to work behind counter after completion of Internship

  • Craigslist Recruiting
  • BNI Networking
  • Corporate Nutrition Club
  • STEP 14) Located and Attend Herbalife STS

Within 1st 30 Days

Locate a local monthly Herbalife Success Training Seminar (STS). This training is designed to accelerate your business. You can locate closest one on

  • STEP 6) Review & Sign Operator Member Agreement

All nutrition club operators must sign Operator Membership Agreement. New operators have a 30 day grace period. This is required to maintain club quality control standards

*For more tools and information see: