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Internet Safety

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Internet Safety - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Internet Safety. What All Students, Teachers, and Parents Should Know…. What Can We Do?. For All The Ed. Tech. website now includes Internet safety information/resources Article for the “Spotlight on Education” Middletown PD and PTAs have assisted in pooling resources

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Internet Safety

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internet safety

Internet Safety

What All Students, Teachers, and Parents Should Know…

what can we do
What Can We Do?
  • For All
    • The Ed. Tech. website now includes Internet safety information/resources
    • Article for the “Spotlight on Education”
    • Middletown PD and PTAs have assisted in pooling resources
    • Media has been contacted to spread the word regarding meetings and issues surrounding Internet Safety
    • All Internet connected computers are filtered for content
    • All computers have been protected from tampering with Deep Freeze software
  • For Students
    • Student assemblies will be scheduled
    • Health curriculum will be revised to include Internet safety lessons (
  • For Teachers
    • School Counselors were involved in a meeting with Detective Liseo from Middletown PD and learned the dangers of (1/16/06)
    • All MHS, WWMS, & Keigwin staff will be presented with Internet Safety information
  • For Parents
    • Parent Information Meetings (Panel Discussions) have been scheduled for March 9 (MHS) and March 16 (WWMS and Keigwin)
    • Parent Leadership Training Institute presentations will occur on March 15
  • The key is parental support. The Middletown Public Schools can block content, police student Internet use, and inform students about the dangers of sharing information online. However, parents are the key to successfully protecting students while online.
tips for teachers educating students
Tips for Teachers: Educating Students
  • Monitor any unusual student computer activity
  • – teacher training
  • Student Assemblies
tips for parents
Tips for Parents
  • NEVER allow your children access to the Internet in their bedroom or any location that is not centrally located in your home.
  • Locate computers that have Internet connection in plain view so that you can quickly and frequently check what your child is doing online.
  • Learn as much as you can about your computers and Internet safety so you can recognize what your child is doing. You can learn all about Internet Safety by signing up at and going through the FREE online training.
  • Purchase and install Internet filtering software on your computer and lock sites you don’t want your children visiting. (We have filters on all district computers, which are constantly being updated).
  • Discuss Internet safety with your children and let them know that sharing information online is like opening the door to a stranger.
  • Monitor what children do on the Internet by checking the history of your Internet Browser (click on the History link in the browser’s toolbar).
  • Set time limits on when the computer can be used
  • Set rules for “Instant Messaging” and review who is on their “Buddy List”
tips for students
Tips for Students
  • Never share personal information online
    • Profiles on MySpace
    • In Chat Rooms
  • Never share your picture
  • Never leave home to meet someone you've met online
myspace com
  • Blogs (online journals)
  • Profiles
  • Photos
  • Chatting
internet resources
Internet Resources
  • For Everyone
  • For Parents
  • - Downloadable guide
  • - Online Brochure
  • For Young Students
  • – Interactive cartoon
  • For Teens
  • - Don’t believe the hype?
  • For Teachers
  • General Information
  • - Dateline “To Catch a Predator III”
  • - Promise & Peril of Blogging
  • - Cyber Bullying
  • - Dateline Info on