middle school the worst years of my life book report n.
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Middle School The Worst Years of My Life book report PowerPoint Presentation
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Middle School The Worst Years of My Life book report

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Middle School The Worst Years of My Life book report - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Middle School The Worst Years of My Life book report. BY: Matthew O’Connor. Main characters. Rafe Jules (Rafes mom) Bear Georgia (Rafes sister) Leo Miller.

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Middle School The Worst Years of My Life book report

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    1. Middle School The Worst Years of My Life book report BY: Matthew O’Connor

    2. Main characters Rafe Jules (Rafes mom) Bear Georgia (Rafes sister) Leo Miller

    3. RafeRafe is just going into middle school and is trying to find any way he can to make it go by faster so at his first assembly he comes up with a great idea for his school year. He is going to break every rule in the HVMS code of conduct. He calls it operation R.A.F.E. He isn’t sure about it at first but his imaginary brother gives him all the support that Rafe needs to follow through with the mission. Throughout the school year, Rafe goes on breaking every rule in the rule book until Miller the killer comes along and takes his book (HVMS code of conduct-mission book). Rafe knew from the start of the year that he would be a big problem but he didn’t know how big until now. Rafe has to put the mission on hold while he buys back all the pages of his book. But on till he gets them all back he has other problems. Hi, I'm Rafe

    4. MillerMiller is the school bully. He makes fun of Rafe and is always picking on him. About halfway through the year he takes Rafe operation R.A.F.E. notebook. Rafe spends the whole year buying back the pages, a dollar a page. Miller makes photocopies of the pages and at the end of the book he ding dong ditches Rafes family with them and he leaves all the copies on their doorstep and when Rafes mom and bear go out to see what was their they get into a huge argument and then bear acts out and pushes Rafes mom down the front steps and the police come because Rafes sister called 911.

    5. LeoLeo is Rafes brother. Well, used to be his brother. Leo died when they were both three (they were twins). Rafe still acts like Leo is still their because it makes him feel comfortable. Also, Rafe still talks to him even though he isn't really even there.

    6. Jules Jules is Rafes mom. She is very kind except when Rafe is in really big trouble. Jules works at a restaurant and is engaged to a guy Rafe calls bear. Jules is an artist and really loves Rafes artwork. As you can see in the book, Rafe likes to doodle a lot. Jules also likes to have lots of fun! I like art!

    7. Bear (Carl)Carl (also known as bear) is a very fat, lazy and mean stepfather. He is always being mean to Rafe and his family. He also calls Rafe squirt even though he knows Rafe hates it really badly. He also spends most of Jules’ money when the katchorians are at dinner at a restaurant, even Rafes moms restaurant! He keeps a six pack of zoom in his refrigerator and always sleeps on the couch.

    8. Georgia Georgia is Rafes little sister. To him, she is very annoying. She is constantly bugging Rafe and asking for pudding cups from him. She likes to be In other peoples business, especially when he’s in trouble. Sometimes she can be obnoxious and crazy but overall she might be okay. Pudding 