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Middle School: Worst Years of My Life PowerPoint Presentation
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Middle School: Worst Years of My Life

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Middle School: Worst Years of My Life - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Middle School: Worst Years of My Life

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  1. Middle School:Worst Years of My Life By: James Patterson

  2. Meet the Characters

  3. Rafe Khatchadorian • Rafe Khatchadorian is your average kid. He is making the transition from elementary to middle school. During his time at middle school he meets his first crush, fought and over came the dragon lady, turned the school bully into a chicken, and made Operation R.A.F.E. (Rules Aren’t For Everyone) where he broke as many rules as possible.

  4. Operation R.A.F.E. • Operation R.A.F.E. (Rules Aren’t For Everyone) is when Rafe tries to break all the rules in the student code of conduct. Whenever he breaks a rule he earns a certain amount of points. He also has lives, when he messes up he loses a life. Some of the rules he breaks are chewing gum in class, running through the halls naked, vandalizing school property, and much more! The outcome: Over a million points and house arrest.

  5. Jeanne Galletta • Jeanne Galletta is the school’s goody two shoes and teachers pet. She makes good grades, all the teachers like her, she’s a student council member, and she is Rafe’s first crush. She is one of the few people who know about Operation R.A.F.E. , and thanks to Operation R.A.F.E. Jeanne Galletta gets in trouble for the first time.

  6. Miller the Killer (chicken) • Miller the Killer is the school bully. He is one of the few, unfortunately, who knows about Operation R.A.F.E. Miller steals Rafe’s Operation R.A.F.E. notebook and makes Rafe buy it back one page at a time. You are probably wondering, how did he become a chicken? Here is how. Rafe drew him as a chicken, made copies of his drawing, and put it everywherearound the school. He is now known has Miller the Killer Chicken.

  7. Leo the Silent • Leo is Rafe’s imaginary friend. Actually, he is Rafe’s twin brother, but he died when he was three. Leo is the founder of Operation R.A.F.E. , He is the one who made sure Rafe was breaking the rules. He and Rafe have been on the craziest journeys, real or not. Leo is a very mischievous and adventurous imaginary friend, and he is always one step ahead of Rafe.

  8. The Dragon Lady • The Dragon Lady is actually Rafe’s English teacher. Her real name is Ms. Donatello. She was a very strict teacher in the beginning of the year, but in the end she was on Rafe’s side when the principal wanted him to be suspended. Not only that, she introduced Rafe to an art school. She is called the dragon lady because Rafe has a wild imagination.

  9. Georgia Khatchadorian • Georgia is Rafe’s big tattle tale sister. She complains a lot and always tells on Rafe whenever he does something wrong, so Rafe doesn't like her very much. However, Rafe and Georgia both share the same hatred for their stepdad, Bear. She is the one who calls 911 when Bear pushes their mother down the stairs.

  10. Bear • Bear is Rafe and Georgia’s stepdad. His real name is Carl. All Bear does all day is eat, drink, watch football, and sleep. Occasionally he gets off the sofa to use the bathroom. When Bear finds out about Rafe’s suspension from school he gets in a fight with his mom and accidently pushes her down the stairs.

  11. Jules Khatchadorian • Jules Khatchadorian is Rafe and Georgia’s mom. She works at a diner and smells like apple pie with cinnamon. Yum. Despite, all of Rafe’s mistakes she always seems happy. Unfortunately, she gets pushed down the stairs by Bear and has to go to the hospital. Fortunately, she breaks up with Bear afterwards. According to Rafe she is the #1 mom.

  12. Why you should read this book • If you like Diary of a Wimpy Kid you’ll love this book. • If you like the Big Nate books you will also love this book • It is written by the New York Times #1 Bestseller, James Patterson who also wrote Maximum Ride • It’s funny • It has won YALSA 2012 Top Ten Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Readers. • It was a No. 1 New York Times best-seller and a No. 1 Indiebound best-seller.

  13. Praise • “Readers will want to stick around. Middle School has a keen appreciation of kids' insecurities and an even more astute understanding of what might propel boy readers through a book. Not only is Rafe's plight relatable, so is the manner in which he expresses it. The lingo is casual and humorous, and as self-aware as one might expect from an 11-year-old.” LA Times • “The book's ultrashort chapters, dynamic artwork, and message that ‘normal is boring’ should go a long way toward assuring kids who don't fit the mold that there's a place for them, too” Publisher’s Weekly • Incredibly detailed and imaginative illustrations... add depth and humor.... an enjoyable story that even the most reluctant readers should enjoy." Library Media Connection • I rate it ☻☻☻☻☺