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  2. Statistics • Directed by – Stephen Surjik • Produced by – Barnaby and Piers Thompson • Starring – Carmen Electra, Tom Burke, Jamie Minoprio, Michelle Ryan and Jimmy Car • Distributed by – Buena Vista International • Budget - £1,000,000

  3. Release Dates • Germany8 February2007 (European Film Market) • UK23 March2007 • France20 May2007 (Cannes Film Market) • Turkey24 August2007 • Germany25 October2007 (DVD premiere) • Australia12 December2007 (DVD premiere) • Hungary7 February2008 • Spain14 March2008 • Russia27 March2008 (DVD premiere) • Finland28 March2008 (DVD premiere)

  4. Synopsis I WANT CANDY follows two hopeful lads from Leatherhead trying to break into the movies who stumble upon the opportunity of a lifetime. Frustrated by their arty film teacher (Mackenzie Crook), wannabe producer Joe (Tom Riley) and his talented but neurotic director friend Baggy (Tom Burke) head to London to sell what they know is a script made of gold.Encountering nothing but closed doors, their luck changes when an equally desperate producer (Eddie Marsan) is willing to throw some money at them provided they nab the star he needs. There's just one problem - he wants Candy Fiveways (Carmen Electra), the World's No 1 Adult Star, who has recently taken a hiatus from filming adult movies...Against all odds they manage to secure her services, but it's not long before trouble heads their way. Making a ground breaking graduation film, complete with scenes of an Adult nature, in your parents' house was never going to be easy. I WANT CANDY follows Joe and Baggy's exploits in pursuit of their dreams. But dreams have a funny way of working out...

  5. Youtube ………….. • The official film trailer …………

  6. Official Film Poster The male gaze; a suggestive close up of her leaving ironically the most influential characters in the background. Smart colour theme; youth, modern, refreshing and absorbing. Why the pear?? Leaves consumers interested and intrigued.

  7. My Views • A British film with an American storyline. • The low budget is reflected by the poor acting and a somewhat under developed plot. • The production team have soly based their film around the prospects of Carmen Electra starring as “Candy”. Their thought process was to use her renowned presence as a means of selling the film to a mainly male orientated target market. • Nowadays, production teams often use an attractive, young female to compose an image that is appealing no matter what her performance is like. • In conclusion, I believe this film has a strong foundation from which it could have been successful. With a more well thought storyline and well chosen actors this film may have given the likes of American Pie a run for its money.