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Study Introduction Day Pre- Master’s program PowerPoint Presentation
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Study Introduction Day Pre- Master’s program

Study Introduction Day Pre- Master’s program

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Study Introduction Day Pre- Master’s program

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  1. Study Introduction DayPre- Master’s program

  2. Table of contents • Academic director & Program coordinators • General study information • Transitionfrom hbo to wo • StructurePre-Master'sprogram • After the premaster’s Program • Campus • Living on your own • Associations • Asset • Questions

  3. A short Introduction • Who are present here? • Students that enrolled in standard hbo Pre-Master’s programs (general structure premaster program) • Students who received a specific Pre-Master’s program • Academic Director Pre-Master’s programs; • Jos Grazell • On behalf of the program coordinators; • MiraGorris Titelpresentatie in Footer

  4. Program Coordinator Your program coordinator can advise you on study-related issues and problems. • Study skills • choice of study • Special circumstances • Study results and planning • Information about Examination Regulations • Activities such as Education Committee or Sounding Board • To make an appointment: •

  5. Information during the introduction week • Familiarize with Tilburg University: • Registration tests and exams schedules • Books • Blackboard Titelpresentatie in Footer

  6. Transitionfrom hbo to wo • Significant differences in an academic learning environment • Curiosity in the why of things! (Cause-Effect relations, Causality) • How does something work: ‘Surface learning’ (hbo) • versus • Why does something work in a certain way: ‘Deep learning’ (wo) • Applying advanced study and research methods • More Emphasis on Scientificinformation e.g. journals, articles & academic textbooks Titelpresentatie in Footer 5

  7. General structure Pre-Master's program • Five courses offered in first Semester (from September till December) • Common part: 18 Credits • Statistics for Pre-master • Academic Competences for: … Acc., Finance, etc. • Business Research Techniques or Mathematics 2 • Specific part:12 Credits • Two courses: varies per Pre-Master's program • Exams in December & January (resit) • For a complete overview see: Titelpresentatie in Footer 6

  8. After the Premaster; The Master’s Program • Start with your Master’s Program in February: • You have passed all the Premaster courses (hardeknip) • You meet the English language requirement • You registered via Studielink • Admission is only possible to the corresponding Master’s Program Titelpresentatie in Footer 7

  9. The English Language Requirement We accept solely these proofs; Vwo-diploma; sufficientfor English An English taught HBO-Bachelor’s Program TOEFL- exam Several Language courses taken at the Language Center TiU IELTS-exam Cambridge Certificates CAE, CPE of BEC Check our site for more detailed information

  10. Finance andlegal status • You do not pay a standard tuition fee but a weighted fee • your pay applies only to the credits from the courses that form part of your premaster's program and for which you are registered for the duration of one academic year • You pay for every 6 credits the statutory fee in proportion; € 191,- • If you wish to follow other bachelor courses alongside your premaster’s program, you need to register as a contract student and pay an extra weighted fee • You will be registered in the Bachelor phase • You have access to the same study facilities as regular students • No exemptions are granted in the hbo-premaster’s Program

  11. Information: Online Database Ask TiSEM Frequently asked questions - online knowledge database Ask TiSEM. If you have any further questions, you can contact the Education Desk directly via the contact button. Your question will be answered within five days or immediately be forwarded to the appropriate person.

  12. SomeAdvice • Communicate open with as many students as possible with diverse backgrounds: • Bachelor’s students who enrolled via vwo • Students with other cultural and ethnic backgrounds • Don’t stay in your own circle but try to break out of it: expand your network! • It’s contact education: so meeting each other is core! Titelpresentatie in Footer

  13. Questions?

  14. Good luck!

  15. Matters to give a thought • Expanding your résumé • Living on your own • Learn or improve a language for free with a language voucher at the language center

  16. Being active besides your studies • Besides your studies there are many other possibilities to develop yourself • Living on your own • Become active • Student sports associations • Asset study association

  17. Become active Word Actief is the overall organization of all associations in Tilburg. Within TOPweek the focus will be on student associations, but Tilburg has much more to offer: • Student associations • Study associations • Sport associations • Cultural associations • and many others!

  18. Student sport associations • Overall sport association of Tilburg University. 24 different kind of sports are offered varying from track and field, horse riding and ice hockey • Sports pass available at Sport Center • Sport Center Kick Off: 2 introduction weeks free of charge

  19. How to subscribe? Campustour Building E

  20. Thanks! Hereby I would like to thank the academic director and the program coordinator for their time

  21. Contact MAK on Facebook to get updates for upcoming events For more study information and this presentation Please fill out the survey!

  22. Questions?