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Jim Thorpe’s Bright Path PowerPoint Presentation
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Jim Thorpe’s Bright Path

Jim Thorpe’s Bright Path

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Jim Thorpe’s Bright Path

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  1. Jim Thorpe’s Bright Path by Joseph Bruchac illustrated by S. D. Nelson Day 1Day 4 Day 2Day 5 Day 3 Vocabulary Definitions Vocabulary Sentences Additional Resources

  2. Study Skills • Genre: Biography • Comprehension Skill: Fact and Opinion • Comprehension Strategy:Text Structure • Comprehension Review Skill:Graphic Sources • Vocabulary: Dictionary and Glossary

  3. Genre: Biography A biography is a story of a real person’s life as told by someone else. As you read this biography, think about why the author chose to write about this athlete.

  4. Summary It wasn’t easy for Jim Thorpe to become a famous and respected athlete. As an American Indian, he was discriminated against and separated from his family. His twin brother died when they were only nine years old. His mother and father also died when he was still in school. But he learned to move forward with his life because he was so inspired by his family and his people.

  5. Comprehension Skill Review Graphic Resources • A graphic source shows or explains information from the text. • Pictures, maps, charts, time lines, and diagrams are all examples of graphic sources. • Graphic sources can help you draw conclusions about what you are reading.

  6. Day 1 - Question of the Week • How can our abilities influence our dreams and goals?

  7. Vocabulary - Say It • society • dormitory • endurance manual reservation boarding school

  8. More Words to Know inconsolable recruiter confident hurdle rival prove

  9. Comprehension strategy Text Structure • Good readers usetext structure, or the way text isorganized, to help them understand why they read. • For example, a non fiction article maycompare and contrasttwo things, put events insequence, or be aseries of clear main ideas. • When youpreview, look for textfeature such astitles,heads, andunderlinedwords to help you know what to expect.

  10. Listen to the story

  11. Comprehension Skill Tested- Fact or Opinion • A fact is a statement that can be proven either true or false. • An opinion is a statement based on someone’s judgment, belief, or wayofthinking about something.

  12. Practice Fact and opinion 1. Look up Jim Thorpe in encyclopedia 2. no support 3. faulty 4. They won only a few games. 5. valid

  13. As a young man, Jim thorpe experienced many missfortunes. • His twin brothers death broke his heart, his mother and his father died soon afterwards.

  14. Capital Letters • All sentences begin with capital letters. We enjoyed reading the book. Those girls finished cleaning the counter.

  15. Capital Letters • Proper nouns begin with capital letters. Mrs. Clark asked if Amy would help. Uncle Rob took us to Texas.

  16. Capital Letters • The pronoun I is always capitalized. I don’t need your help. My aunt and I picked up the papers.

  17. Capital Letters • A capital letter begins the first, last, and any important word in the title of a book, magazine, song, movie, poem, or other work. Read the last chapter of Tom Sawyer. She saw Snow White when she was five years old.

  18. Spelling WordsPrefixes mis-, non-, re- • misplace • nonsense • reread • repack • misfortune remove mishandle nonstop recover reseal

  19. Spelling WordsPrefixes mis-, non -,re- • misbehavior • reunion • nonfiction • rebound • nonprofit mistreat readjust misprint nonstick misquote

  20. CHALLENGE • misinterpret • mispronounce • noncommittal • reconstruct • reorganize

  21. Day 2-Question of the Day • Why was Jim so unhappy at school?

  22. Vocabulary Strategy Dictionary / Glossary • Some words have more than one meaning. • Sometimes readers need to check a dictionary or glossary to find the meaning that makes sense for the sentence.

  23. Vocabulary Strategy Dictionary / Glossary • The dark, or bold, words defined are called entry words. • The entry word may not match the word in the selection exactly. • Entry words are often are words without endings, prefixes, or suffixes.

  24. society the people of any particular time or place

  25. dormitory a building with many rooms for sleeping in. Many colleges have dormitories for students whose home are elsewhere.

  26. endurance power to last and to withstand hard wear

  27. manual done with the hands

  28. reservation land set aside by the government for a special purpose

  29. boarding school school with buildings where the pupils live during the school term

  30. inconsolable not able to be comforted

  31. recruiter a person who gets new members, who gets people to join or come

  32. confident having a firm belief in yourself

  33. hurdle 1. a barrier for people or horses to jump over in a race. 2. something that stands in the way ; an obstacle, difficulty

  34. rival 1. person who wants and tries to get the same thing as another or who tries to equal or do better than another. 2. wanting the same things as another ; trying to equal or outdo another; competing

  35. prove to show that a thing is true and right

  36. Weekly Fluency Check -Stress Emphasis • Read aloud “The highest Hurdle on p. 660m. • Explain that you will emphasize important words with more strength. stressing important words helps convey emotion and meaning.

  37. 3. Jim’s father was bitten by a poisonous snake or did not recuver. 4. Jim began to play football serious at school in Carlisle, Pa.

  38. Grammar Skill :capitalization • Capitalize both letters in a state postal abbreviation. Tulsa, OK Dandridge, TN • Capitalize days of the week, months, and holidays Saturday, June, Labor Day • Capitalize titles that are used before people’s names. Mr. Warner Dr. Smith

  39. Grammar Skill – Capitalization • Capitalize the first word and every important word in a proper noun. He went to Carlisle Indian School in Pennsylvania. • Capitalize the first letter of an abbreviation 14 Columbus St.

  40. Group work • Readers & WB 254 • Language Day 2 • Spelling Day 2 • Tri-Fold Section 2 • SmartBoard- Fact and Opinion

  41. Day 3 - Question of the Day • What can you learn about reaching goals from Jim Thorpe’s experiences?