marketing of savings bank schemes n.
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Marketing of Savings bank Schemes PowerPoint Presentation
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Marketing of Savings bank Schemes

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Marketing of Savings bank Schemes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Marketing of Savings bank Schemes. For Grameen Dak Sevaks. Marketing. What Why Whom How When. What is marketing?. It is a human activity to satisfy need, want & intension of a customer through exchange.

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Marketing of Savings bank Schemes

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  • What
  • Why
  • Whom
  • How
  • When
what is marketing
What is marketing?
  • It is a human activity to satisfy need, want & intension of a customer through exchange.
  • It is an activity from production to consumption by fulfilling needs, wants & intensions of the customers.
  • process creating, communicating & delivering value to customers to benefit organization & its stakeholders
what is marketing1
What is marketing?
  • Marketing can be explained as under:
  • Marketing is getting right goods and services by the right people at the right places at the right time.
  • Marketing is building relationship with the customers.
  • Marketing is an art of creating & satisfying customer.
  • Marketing is a total approach for running a company and building a business.
marketing why
Marketing - Why
  • To keep the financial health of the department
  • To have work at Branch offices
  • To earn money as commission & incentives
  • To help improving infrastructure and social status of India
marketing why1
Marketing - Why
  • To get TRCA increased
  • Collection of more cash at BO
  • For one SB account having transaction in it earns Rs. 142.79 per year as commission from Ministry of Finance
  • Open more number of accounts irrespective of the amount of deposit in it
marketing whom
Marketing whom?
  • Marketing to whom?
    • Needy customer
    • Old customer
    • New customer
  • Marketing -By Whom?
    • By all GDS (BPM, MDs, MPs etc.,)
    • By all departmental employees
marketing how
Marketing - How
  • By identifying the potential customers for our products
  • By educating the customers
  • Through proper propoganda
  • Explain the Salient features of the products
  • Explain about Interest/Maturity value etc.,
marketing how1
Marketing - How
  • Meet the village panchayath members/secretary etc., & try to make propoganda through them
  • Brochures can be distributed to customers
  • Services may be offered at the doorstep of customers
  • Help to fill the required forms & stationery
  • Use the services of MDs/MCs
marketing how2
Marketing - How
  • MDs/MCs are having good liasion with every person in their beat
  • Make a list of important persons & try to open their accounts
  • Examine feasibility of organisingmelas for opening of Savings accounts
  • Try to make atleast one 100% Savings account village under jurisdiction of BO
marketing when
Marketing - When
  • Marketing should be aggressively carried out during harvesting seasons
  • Open RD/TD accounts of the depositors of SB a/cs under NREGA scheme
  • Open RD/TD accounts for the existing SB depositors
tips for marketing
Tips for Marketing
  • Meet the customers time & again
  • Don’t loose confidence if customer disagrees to open account on first instance
  • Get the customer in to your confidence
  • Patiently hear the words of customer
  • Try to provide solution to the problems of customers
tips for marketing1
Tips for Marketing
  • No limit to open many number of RD/TD accounts
  • Convince customers to open RD/TD accounts with the view of expenditure in connection with their Childs education / marriage etc.,