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Huaiyang Activation PowerPoint Presentation
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Huaiyang Activation

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Huaiyang Activation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Huaiyang Activation
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  1. Huaiyang Activation

  2. Slides for booth 简报标题置于底部

  3. Huaiyang Cuisine China Target:Huaiyang chefs East Region Driver: ChannelJTBD • Channel Execution • Authentic Huaiyang cuisine loses interest of customers due to decreaese of true authenticitiy (loss of skills of young generation) and little variety • JTBD: Help chefs to gain more traffic (diners) through more authentic dishes and effective menu management towards more profitable variation using UFS products and menu’s • Difference versus Classical execution • One driver vs. 6 SKU’s • Engagement of ‘sleepless night’ of operator • UFS helps customer to improve HIS business: message resonates 简报标题置于底部

  4. Huaiyang Cuisine China Target:Huaiyang chefs East Region Execution • Channel Execution • Creation of solution booklet, a lasting document which helps sales force from talking products to talking recipes • More insights: 50% of menu selection in most restaurants are NON-Huaiyang recipes: but guests order 80% true huaiyang dishes : need for more choice: new variations on traditional menus are suggested • Difference versus Classical execution • One solution with recipes • Lasts longer for chef • Promotes 6 key SKU’s of channel basket • Carries much knowledge about top 10 dishes • Provides inspiration • Solution is also containing suggestions on balancing menu card between huaiyang cuisine and other dishes 简报标题置于底部

  5. Huaiyang Cuisine China Target:Huaiyang chefs East Region Result • Channel Execution • Volume Growth + 11% • RIO 49% • Increased reach 15% • Increased usage 1.3% • Difference versus Classical execution • Effect of 6 sku’s per sales call, most relevant to the operator. • True build of UFS brand: the company which helps me run my business better 简报标题置于底部

  6. appendix • Full case 简报标题置于底部

  7. Channel Hierarchy: Entities that provide food/beverages on premise, incl. work place & OOH Channel: HORECA + tea QSR Hotel Rest. Café & Bar Workplace Take- aways Others Canteen Level 1 Channel Type Cost/Social Kiosks Chinese 4-5 star Milk Tea Stores/ Beverage Pan Cantonese Coffee House/ Tea House Level 2 Cuisine/ Food Type/ Others TTT Profit/ Commercial International Street Hawkers 2-3 star Local Offerings Bar Pan Chuan Bakery Travel Economy Hotel Pan Huai yang Level 3 Industry class Other Take-aways Leisure Pan Bei feng Hotpot FIB Other CHN Rest. Level 3/4 Sub-Cuisine Western Asian Level 5 Price by Head Halal

  8. Key Channel Drivers Heritage and authenticity of Huaiyang dishes 1. Revitalisation my menu with fusion innovation 2.

  9. Huaiyang Channel JBTD in 2011 UFS Huaiyang solution help Huaiyang chefs(>RMB 50) in east region to attract the diners to eat more often and increase operators’ revenue via energize and optimize the menu offer with effective menu management support. Activation Objectives • Build awareness and relevance of UFS channel basket in Huaiyang Channel • Rejuvenate & energize the authentic taste of Top classic dishes with Knorr savory range in Pre-treatment efficiency • Increase penetration and usage of HY channel basket • Grow Core SKU’s USG by 25% (penetration & usage)

  10. Source combination development route Guideline Flavor apply & testing Internal input Pre work Classic brainstorming • Confirm dish development guideline • Select representative dishes based on guideline • Test source and soup combination • Test source application in top dishes • Confirm source skus and format • Collecting top dishes from east region • Identify top 10 dishes • Confirm menu management of source and base soup development • Diner insight study • Chef insight understanding • Diner ordering habits menu analysis • Leading restaurant menu analysis • Align HY dish authentic flavor as core SKU 红烧汁 Teriaky 酱烧汁 Buttery 醇香浓汤底 Mellow Soup 真味清汤底 Broth

  11. Overview of Huaiyang cuisine Key Characteristics of Jiangnan Cuisine Attitudes to Different Types of Dishes

  12. Attitudes to different types of dishes Typical and favorite dishes 经典菜: cannot change in terms of taste and material Typical dishes are timeless and classics at their own golden standard. Besides the functional factors like authentic taste and dedicate presentation, diners do not expect them to change also out of the emotional factors: Examples of typical and favorite dishes 糖醋小排 红烧肉 松鼠鳜鱼 Squirrel-shaped mandarin fish 清炒虾仁 Stir-fried shelled shrimps 东坡肉 Dongpuo Meat braised pork sweet and sour spareribs

  13. Insight -Diner • Diner Insights • Huaiyang diners have deep feeling with Huaiyang cuisine which they love and are proud of. However, they are not satisfied with the current Huaiyang dishes. Because: • It’s hard to have the authentic Huaiyang taste which they had before. • Some traditional Huaiyang dishes are already not desirable and haven’t been improved yet. • Lack of new HY dishes to be kept or developed to be the classic dishes in the market recently. • When dining out, diners often like to try some new taste apart from their familiar and beloved dishes.

  14. Chef insight: • It become more and more difficult for restaurant owners to increase revenue and profit. The cost of raw material and labor continue to rise in recent years but price of dishes are not easy to rise. • Lots of young and non-local chefs are not good at delivering the consistent quality and taste of Huaiyang dishes with authentic taste which HY diners want, due to limited culinary skills and low quality of raw food. • Influenced by the mushroom development of Chuan & Yue cuisine and lack of time, experience and resources, Huaiyang chefs usually copy dishes from other cuisine and develop non-Huaiyang dishes without Huaiyang DNA.

  15. Diner Order Analysis: Huaiyagn Dish-80% Non-Huaiyang Dish-20% Cold dish-30% Hot dish-60% Soup-10% Vegetable-35% Meat/Fish/poultry-65% Huaiyang Menu Analysis**: Cold dish-20% Hot dish-72% Soup-8% Huaiyang Dish-50% Non-Huaiyang Dish-50% Vegetable-25% Meat/Fish/poultry-75% *from diner research questionary; ** from Huaiyang Rest. Menu analysis

  16. AVP Activity Value Proposition – Revenue or Efficiency? Revenue Objectives of the AVP:To help Huaiyang chef to cook top classic dishes and fusion dishes to increase revenue and profit via optimize their menu and use HY channel basket. 厨师 食客 • Features of the solution: BOH • menu management- rejuvenate top classic dish • Features of the solution: FOH • -Provide diner marketing ideas to customer Benefits of the solution BOH- optimize menu to increase revenue Benefits of the solution: FOH- Capture traffic- Customer delight.UFS Channel Basket Products:UFS B&S 菜 单

  17. 2011 KV for Huaiyang Activation Option B

  18. 360°Activation Premium Promotion Sampling Solution Book DEMO Huaiyang Master Forum Media Exposure

  19. 烹饪过程 Classic HY Dishes needs in banquet Classic HY Dishes permormance Solution Book Classic dishes in banquet Solution Analysis 红烧经典菜 酱烧经典菜 经典汤菜 宴会经典汤 Time/Manpower/Cost analysis Key point in classic dishes cooking 简报标题置于底部

  20. Solution Book • UFS Brand • HY history,culture and essence Selling story 品承经典, 创味来 HY guest,menu and kitchen HY chef experience sharing HY recipe – classic dishes Knorr (4 belief) Product introduction

  21. Premium Promotion • Core SKU:KLB, KSS, KAB, Terriyaki, KPS, KLS, KCP • Mechanics:in promotion period (3 months), • Increase penetration: purchase UFS product>RMB 1000/Q and purchase 1 core sku (as above) 1 case as new, get 1 imported glass boiler. • Increase usage:purchase UFS product>RMB5000 and include 3 core SKU (as above),you can get 1 imported glass boiler.

  22. 销售队员 跟进拜访 Sampling • Objective: - Penetrate channel basket through HY solution; - Increase the penetration of Terriyaki, KSS, KPS,KLS • Time: From mid of July to the end of Aug. • Target customer: Non-user of following sku • Sampling sku:Terriyaki, KSS, KPS, KLS + + + 样品 销售拜访及派送 精华版解决方案 问卷反馈和跟进 备注:问卷由销售带回公司(具体操作和east trade marketing确认) Remark: no KAB sample

  23. DEMO • Objective:increase the usage in current EU; convey the key message of HY solution and activation; • Time:from Aug. to Sep. • City:SH、HZ、SZ、NJ(Channel Mkt. lead); WZ、HF、WX、NB、CZ(Region Rollout) • Scale:70-80 persons/DEMO • Target customer:>RMB50 HY Chef • Customer selection criteria: • Potential customer from competitor’s pool • HY key customer • SKU/Account:>6 • KPI: Sep.-Dec. vs.May-July,SKU per Account increment:≥1SKU vs.May-July,account % of SKU reduction :≤20%

  24. DEMO • DEMO主要内容和形式: • 淮扬食客需求、厨师面临的问题分析(video和PPT) • 外部厨师经验分享 (PPT和讲解) • 淮扬解决方案介绍和现场展示(PPT、游戏和现场烹饪) • 现场烹饪比拼:汁酱和汤底的延伸应用(互动活动)

  25. 活动时间表 Oct. Aug. Sep. July Solution book 7月中旬-10月中旬 Premium Pro. 7月中旬-10月中旬 Sampling 7月中旬-8月底 8月-9月 DEMO 8月-10月 Media 大师论坛 8月

  26. WAVE II

  27. HY Activation Target Region: East Region Key Cities: SH, HZ, SZ, NJ ,WZ, HF, WX, CZ, NB, other cities (TBC) Target customer: Huaiyang chef (RMB>50) Time: Dec.1– Jan.31(2 months) Activate Sku: KCP, KLB, KLS, KAB, KSS, Terriyaki, KPS, Knorr SESAME&BEAN SAUCE 28

  28. Activation Timetable Dec. Jan. Feb. Solution book Premium Pro. Sampling Media


  30. HY Activation Penetration & Usage Analysis Sources from SSS data 31

  31. ROI Organic growth 10% 简报标题置于底部 0000年00月00日 32