Yeah man yemen
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Yeah Man! (Yemen). Connie Ngo Period Seven. Map of Yemen. Middle Eastern; up north bounded nearby Saudi Arabia. West by the Red Sea. South by Gulf of Aden. Capital is Sanaa . Leaders of Yemen. Ali Abdullah Saleh , President He told his people that he would stand

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Yeah man yemen

Yeah Man!(Yemen)

Connie Ngo

Period Seven

Map of yemen
Map of Yemen

Middle Eastern; up north bounded nearby Saudi Arabia.

West by the Red Sea.

South by Gulf of Aden.

Capital is Sanaa.

Leaders of yemen
Leaders of Yemen

  • Ali Abdullah Saleh, President

  • He told his people that he would stand

    down in exchange for immunity.

  • There were other people of the government body (Prime Ministers), but names weren’t mentioned in the articles.

    President Saleh

President saleh stepping down
President Saleh Stepping Down

Similarities to the american revolution
Similarities to the American Revolution

  • Both Yemen and America are fighting for independence because they are both held down by a “higher authority”. (President Saleh and the British)

  • Both the people of Yemen and the people of America rebelled against their “higher authority”. (Through boycotting/protesting, rebellions, etc.)

  • Violence was put upon those who tried to fight against the “authorities”. (Some where killed, others were injured; if you didn’t agree with the government, prepare to suffer.)

Similarities continue
Similarities Continue…

  • Yemen and America eventually got what they wanted; Yemen is in the process of getting what they want, they President is beginning to step down, allowing another election to reopen.

Differences to the american revolution
Differences to the American Revolution

  • Yemen is fighting for independence from their President; America fought for independence from the British.

  • The American Revolution was a longer, planned, and organized process, while the problems occurring in Yemen is shorter and much more choppy in due process.

  • Problems that is occurring in other surrounding countries such as Libya, Syria, etc. also effected Yemen and it’s society. (Problems spread; Problem effects them.)

Differences continue
Differences Continue…

  • The American Revolution was between two different group, while the problems in Yemen are between the government and its people.

  • There was more movement and work in the Revolutionary War, while in Yemen it was basically on common grounds and less strategic.

Yemen s future
Yemen’s Future…

  • I believed that with an election in Yemen’s future, a good, new leader can really do good for Yemen and its people. This will only be possible once Saleh steps down and let someone else take over. For now Yemen just has to hang tight and let things slowly progress and soon they might have a great country to live in! (:


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