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  1. BINGO!!! Yeah, I know it’s a repeat but at least it’s review.

  2. What’s the word? Joy will ______________from the kids once they see the mount of presents they will receive.

  3. What’s the element? The author wants the reader to think of the issues of the human condition. Humanity’s inner struggle and the personal fight between good and evil is an example of ____________.

  4. What’s the word? The poets will sing a _____________ of the great trials of the epic hero Hercules.

  5. What’s the element? Yesterday, I was run over by an ambulance.

  6. What’s the word? You could tell she had a great ______________ for learning after she spent twelve straight hours researching psychological case studies.

  7. What’s the element? “Be a good sport, Tessie”

  8. What’s the word? The minimalist painter was disgusted by the ________________ design of the overly ornate painting.

  9. What’s the element? The fetters moaned every time they were moved from the wall.

  10. What’s the word? The king refused to treat his underling as a _______________, instead he wanted them all to be treated as equals.

  11. What’s the element? I’m so hungry I could eat a horse!

  12. What’s the element? The princess was sly as a fox, manipulative as a snake, and as stubborn as an ox.

  13. What’s the word? The judges entered a ________________ to determine the fate of the prisoner.

  14. What’s the element? “The Lady or The Tiger” starts with a princess and her boyfriend being found out. Then her dad makes her boy friend enter an arena that could possibly kill him. Finally, the princess must choose if her lover lives or dies.

  15. What’s the word? The situation was ____________ once the fire spread to the dry part of the forest and began to burn down half of the forest.

  16. What’s the element? Fortunato went against the main character of the story.

  17. What’s the word? The pirates split up the treasure into equal parts of ____________.

  18. What’s the word? There was no way to change the grade of the test once the teacher told me the grades were _______________.

  19. What’s the word? My dad was _______________ about me getting As in all of my classes. He just kept nagging and nagging me all day.

  20. What’s the element? “The Lady or The Tiger” takes place during the time of ancient Rome.

  21. What’s the word? The mourners wore ______________ clothing to the funeral procession of the queen.

  22. What’s the element? The princess is described as a semi barbaric, manipulative, yet clever person. Although she loves her boy friend she might not be able to get over her intense jealousy.

  23. What’s the word? The _________________ of not being able to bring your dog to school is depressing to say the least, mainly because I want to bring my dog to school.

  24. What’s the element? The door could stand for choice or even fate.

  25. What’s the word? He had a great ________________ for his beloved wife. Especially because they’ve been together for ten years.

  26. What’s the element? Character vs Inner Self The princess battles with her decision about which door to send her lover. Should she pick his gruesome gory demise or loosing him forever to some vapid tart.

  27. What’s the word? The villain vowed that he would get ______________ on the hero who ruined his evil plot!

  28. What’s the element? The black box from “The Lottery” harkens back to the story of Pandora’s box. Both boxes are responsible for bringing sin and death to their communities.

  29. What’s the word? I need to ____________ with the elders of the tribe in order to get advice about the ancients.

  30. What’s the element? Montresor was the main character of Poe’s short story.

  31. What’s the word? The war hero received a medal for _____________ to commemorate her achievement in the battle.

  32. What’s the element? “”We toast to the bones that rest here, ‘Oh no, Fortunato. Let us toast to your long life!”

  33. What’s the word? The museum curator had to ______________ the artifacts she needed for the rare jewel collection.

  34. What’s the word? Soccer players need to _______________ their aggression on the field to ensure their victory.

  35. What’s the element? The princess was a blooming flower.

  36. What’s the word? The king sent out a ______________ outlawing all alot hunting in the kingdom.

  37. What’s the word? Ms. Stieb was _______________ after she got her beautiful engagement ring.

  38. What’s the element?

  39. Do Now: You may listen to musicCompare “The Lady or The Tiger” to either the video or the article. • Next, take a book and go through the story again to find the figurative language. Use your literary element charts and see how many examples you can find. Be specific and give examples! Make sure you note: Conflict Characterizations Symbols Theme

  40. Many people confuse the words a lot with an alot.

  41. Meet the alot:

  42. Clearly, many of us have already met the allusive alot, as seen in these sentences:

  43. Many people write this instead of writing, “a lot of money”.

  44. Many people write this instead of, “They are charging a lot.” .

  45. Moral of the story: there is a difference between alot and a lot.

  46. Reading Quiz • What famous Swiss psychologist was referenced in the article? • Explain what the psychologist calls a “shadow”. • What are the negatives and positives of the “shadow”. • Infer what the word pervasiveness means. • Explain what the author talking about when she says, “the gold in the dark”.