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Abraham Lincoln . Lincoln: A Photo Biography By: Russell Freedman. Birth announcement. Childhood story.

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Abraham lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln: A Photo Biography

By: Russell Freedman

Birth announcement
Birth announcement

Childhood story

In New Salem, Illinois, when Lincoln was a teenager his boat became lodged on a mill dam. Water began to pour over the boat. The crew was unable to push the heavy boat over the dam. Lincoln thought quickly, he drilled a hole in the flatboat's bow and began unloading enough cargo from the rear of the boat to tilt it upward. As the water that was trapped on the boat's deck poured forward toward the bow, it drained through the hole. The flatboat, grew lighter as the water drained away, then floated over the dam.

Abraham Lincoln

Birth date: February 12 ,1806

City : Kodgenville, Kentucky

United States of America

Mother: Nancy Lincoln

Father: Thomas Lincoln

News article
News Article



Breaking news!

President Abe Lincoln is dead. The famous president who ended slavery was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth.

It is our nation’s darkest hour. The death is thought to be a conspiracy of the Southern states.

There is a massive man hunt for Booth. If you see Booth contact the police.

6 adjectives that that describe abe lincoln
6 adjectives that that describe Abe Lincoln





He was patriotic because he kept our country together throughout the Civil War.

He was honest because he always told the truth.

He was determined because he wanted to keep the country united



He was brave because he took on challenges even when the odds were against him.

He was 6 feet and 4 inches tall.

He was smart because he won the Civil war and he was the president. He also made quick solutions for problems.

Abe lincoln s hat
Abe Lincoln’s Hat

I picked Abe Lincoln’s hat because it symbolizes him. He wore his hat everywhere.

He kept mail and other important papers under his hat.

The hat is one of the most memorable things about Abe Lincoln.

Gettysburg address
Gettysburg address

Autographed manuscript of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

The Gettysburg address was one of his most famous speeches. He made this speech at the end of the Civil War. It is one of the most famous speeches in U.S history.

Things abe lincoln would have in a briefcase
Things Abe Lincoln would have in a briefcase

Letters from someone or even letters to write.

Some union money in case he needed to buy some thing.

A Quill and some paper. Incase he needed to write something.

He would have a handkerchief because every man carried one back then.

A bible because he was religious.

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    Lincoln: A Photo Biography

    by: Russell Freedman

    Published by Sandpiper